Idioma: English
    Emissary //

    So, how are you? I have come to announce to you the sacred sanctuary which is called the path of darkness, no warrior has ever managed to reach the portal. But be aware that what is to come has been sealed inside by the great emissary "Bahall", so don't expect it to be easy. He wants your help because the monster has been there for so long that he is sucking all the energy from the sanctuary, so it is his duty to protect and save everyone.

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    Summer //

    Summer time is coming! Who doesn’t like going to the beach ?! Our island has been attacked from evil robots and we call you to come to our RedAq Resort to save this beautiful place from these creatures. We would be really gratefully and as an acknowledgment You will be able to enjoy our beach! We are waiting for you!

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    Mogisland //

    Welcome to the island of "Moglins", where several rabbits that play dress up as heroes live, they are in need of help to destroy all the evil goo that invaded the city, I hope you help them on this journey. And be careful because you can be swallowed and be trapped forever inside!

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    Doompath //

    I was here thinking about things, and why not return some old maps to the game? Buff some old classes, make several updates. So to start I chose "Doompath" with several items in the bloody style and a class that everyone will start to love even more "Infernal Warlock". So I wait for you Tuesday.
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    The Purgatory //

    Hello guys, how are you? I come to bring you one more weekly event that is happening between two different worlds. First you'll have to go through "Purgatory" facing demons and earning the trust of "Fallen". He is known as an angel who was crucified and is devouring devouring sinful souls that enter his territory. So be careful when entering there, as you will never be able to leave!A imagem pode conter: texto

    LightForest //

    Another weekly event of our team, in this we bring a dark forest full of light so that they are not afraid to enter it at night. Everyone will be guided by "Luxhi" in his challenges, I hope he does it all because he is very hungry!

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    Adventures //

    Once again the brothers come back with news on RedAQ, this time bringing some missions for adventurers who are willing to accept them, this map contains a variety of items and quests, enjoy, and a great Farm for everyone !...

    NOTE: The 'Possesion of Fear' quest will be withdrawn on a surprise date, so farm as fast as you can !!

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    Pubshelby //

    The "Peaky Blinders" gang, The Peaky Blinders were a criminal organization, originally from Birmingham, England, which operated in the territory of the West Midlands, from the end of the 19th century until the 1930s. And now she has invaded "RedAQ", and calls on new recruits to join her faction. Are you ready to embark on this adventure

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    Kazawa //
    Are you ready to fight high level ninjas? For I "Zoro" summon you to my challenge. Help me regain my sacred temple that "Jaaku" and his hoods from the village of disagreement stole from me. This cannot be so traveling, they are trying to dominate the whole territory of "Nagoya" and it depends on you not to let this tragedy happen and we all become slaves.
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    PijamaParty //

    Embark with us on this party during the quarantine, since we can't leave the house, we decided to take the party to you, what are you waiting to participate in our pajama party? Join the game now and come and have fun with everyone

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    Server Info //
    Basic information of the servers
  • SERVER Trade Online
    • Pvp Online
    • Trade Online
    • Bank Online
    • Drop 1x
    • Exp 1x
    • Onlines 22
  • SERVER Level Up Offline
    • Pvp Online
    • Trade Offline
    • Bank Online
    • Drop 1x
    • Exp 2x
    • Onlines 0
  • Top Onlines //
    Ranking top 5 Onlines in server
    Position Name Rank
    shink VIP
    Tetsuyah Bronze
    Kails Normal
    yobay Diamond
    Crab Normal
    Top Players //
    Ranking top 5 global players in server
    Position Name Rank
    Dregonay 2nd Master
    Vitor Herbert Master
    MorningCoffee Diamond
    starloss Diamond
    DevilDemonio Diamond
    Top PVP //
    Ranking top 5 PVP in server
    Position Name Kills
    Kratos 10000000
    Meliodas 2nd 10454
    MorningCoffee 10452
    starloss 6987
    DevilDemonio 2973