Armors //
All Armors for user
Redrare personal v2
Dream Plate (Rare)
Golden Pirate Captain
Voodoo Brawler
Classes //
All Classes for user
Chronomancer Berserker
Dark Knight
Darkblood StormKing
Weapon //
All Weapon for user
Sumpreme Blade Of Mix
ArchMage Staff
Sora's Hourglass
Sovereign Blade
Ticket Phoenix Blade
Default Sword
Sword Of Hope
Naruto Kyuubi Surfboard
Cape //
All Caps for user
Blood Draconic Cloak
MindBreaker's Cloak
Rune Dragon Cape
Helm //
All Helm for user
Hat and Sunglasses
Gas Mask
13th Tricorn + Locks
Valor High Halo
Horned Helm of Honor
Other //
All Other for user
Chaos Pirate Base
Life Of Dark Makai
Life Of Tainted Elemental
Water Token
Day 2 Half token 2
Teranus 's Head
Green Diamond
Essence of Drakath
Lithium fragment
Wing Essence
Onyx Token
Dragon Token
Dragon Token
Robot fragment
VoidArmor Token!
Red Dragon Heart
Red Demon Token
Pink Diamond
Arena Token C
Dimensional Token
Dimensional Elixir (A)
Void Quartz
Nulgath Gem
Turkey Bone
Voucher of Nulgath (non-mem)
Essence of Nulgath
Treasure Chest
Hunter III
Pink Quartz
HeroHeart Token
WubWub Red
Unknow Gem
Dimensional Elixir (C)
Dimensional Elixir (B)
Hunter IV
Cast Jasper
Blacksmith's Hammer
Purple Quartz
Lazuli pencil
Scientist's Potion
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