Idioma: English
    Charpage 930 //
    ID: 1991977236 (Normal)
    Armors //
    All Armors for user
    Rikudou Sennin Armor
    Bag Space Personal V3
    Hero Ultimate Armor
    7Th Demonic Oreo Armor
    Swank Anonyincorporation Suit
    Klooun Corrupted Chrono
    King of Nexus
    Shadow Style Rocker
    Test Swank dwadaw
    Samurai Toxic Dragon
    Mafia Man
    Gaara Armor
    7th Evo Shirt PersonalFF
    Yami no Akuma Armor (Beta)
    Conjuring Armor
    Valoth Conjuring Armor
    Tyrone Armor
    Shadow Warlock Commander
    Black Panther
    One-Eyed Warrior
    Horc DeathMonger
    Celestial Rev Hunter
    Angel Revontheus
    Flu Chrono Football
    Revontheus (MALE)
    Redaq Casual Attire
    Blue Mage's Robe
    Invisible Morph
    Neon Naval
    A Not Redness
    Xan Armor
    Thug Naval (Super Ultra Rare)
    Kaneki Armor
    CC Pandy Hoodie
    Priest Revontheus
    Blade Master
    Demon Asta
    Bag Space Personal V2
    Legion Wolf
    Dream Plate (Rare)
    Ronin Revontheus Zeno.
    Kreath's Equipment
    13th Naval Commander
    Ultimate Revontheus
    Lukas Sheevra Armor
    Glacial Paragon
    CC Jeby Black Suit
    Blackout Rev Armor
    Evil Nexus Naval Commander
    7TH Ultra Rev Armor
    Aluna Dark Suit (Rare)
    Darkness Lord Armor (Rare)
    Kirito Legion Armor (Rare)
    Dark Celestial Knight Armor
    test newDARK
    Japonese School
    Test Kaneke4
    Bad Romancer
    Oni Reaper Armor
    Golden Celestial Armor
    Silent Wanderer
    Ecstacy Shaman
    Death Caster
    Alpha Winter Armor
    Demon Tyronius Floating
    Likes Collector
    Crimson Darkness
    Grand Dragon Slayer
    Reaper Armor (NEO)
    Shadow Walker
    Unholy Demon Judgement
    Voodoo Brawler
    Soul Hunter Armor
    Guardian Armor
    Satanic Goat
    Golden Symbionte
    Thug Bag Space!
    Vegeta armor
    Classes //
    All Classes for user
    Dark Chaos
    Dregonay Enhancement Class +800
    Celestial Knight
    Classic DragonSlayer
    Harley Quinn
    Likes Collector Class
    Shadow Knight
    Dark Lord
    Beast Warrior
    Sword Commander Class
    Weapon //
    All Weapon for user
    Uchiha Katana ^^
    Dual Exploding Chain
    Faih Golden Daggers !!
    Death Caster Scythe
    Curse Demon Asta Daggers
    Naruto Lightning Ball
    Dragon Toxic Bow
    Dual Golden Frost Wolf Sword
    Hails CCBig Sword
    Virtue Prometheus
    Klooun Corrupted Chrono Dagger
    Shadow Rocker Polearm
    Dual Black Pirate of Tor
    Esoteric Anarchist Dagger
    RedRare BloodLetter
    Devil Pitchfork
    LORD OF Universe
    Full Hd 16bit Of Awe
    ShadowFlame Warlock's Scythe
    Dual Golden Blade of Swank
    CC Dual Taro Evolution
    Black Hole Colossal I
    One-Eyed Warrior Blade
    Horc DeathMonger Axe
    Enchanted ShadowFlame DoomBlade
    Celestial Rev Hunter Bow
    Reality Staff
    John Stiphen Personal Dagger
    Elite Dual Asgardian Hammers
    Double-sided Lava Polearm
    Angel Sword
    7Th Demonic Oreo Swords
    Cyber Faih Void Katana1
    Grotesque Bow
    Soul Hunter Blade
    Default Sword(Staff Only)
    Dual Honor Of Pillar
    Redaq Casual Bag
    Faih NYX
    Doom Overlord Blade (Rare)
    Default Sword
    CC Darkzin Sword
    KoalaEquilibrium DragonBlade
    Gia Blade
    RED Tenta dual sword
    Dual Eternal Chakrams
    Prismatic Oblivion Blade
    Dual BrightSchyte Claymore
    Vampire Red Pirate DragonBlade
    Chaos SoulReaper
    Dual Champion Blade Of Nulgath
    RedRare Dual RainBowKatana
    Dual Blue night Sword
    Newbie Kickstarter Dagger of Swank
    Undead Assassin Swords
    Water Axe
    Fire Axe
    Water Sword
    Dual King Taro of Nexus
    Gia's Primal Brawlers
    Dual Blade of Ashie
    Zazul's Razor
    Tyrone Personal Swords
    ChronoKiller Vortex Time Polearm
    Yellow Lights Daggers
    Dual CC Faih SoulReaper !!
    Dual Prismatic GGG OF Mgx5
    Oni Reaper Scythe
    Yami No Katana Sword (Beta)
    Light Katana (Rare)
    Black Animated Sword
    Kratos Axe
    Prismatic Drako Of Mgx5
    Dual Darkzin Sword
    CC Dual Flame Dragon Blade
    Lightning Thunder Rings
    Red Star Sword
    Star Slasher
    Brightskull of Retribution
    Dual Santa (SGR) Sword
    13th Musket + Pistol
    Silent Wanderer Scissors
    Dual Phoenix Blade Polearms
    Shimmering SwordOfLight
    Rune Falcon Z
    Dual Soul Eater Sword
    Dual Obsidian Dragon Scythe
    Sword Of Hope
    Spirit Sword
    Soul Reaper Blade
    Ecstacy Shaman Book
    Ecstacy Flaming Sword
    Prismatic 6060 of MGX5
    The ball of powers (For collectors)
    Faih Scary Axe
    Default Sword1
    Demon Chaos Axe
    Dual Evolved Champion Blades of Nulgath
    CC Spear of Tyronius Demon
    Blinding Light of Destiny
    RedRare Dual Diamond Blade
    Sword of Will
    Crimson Dragon Scythe
    Shattered Ice
    Evil Nexus DragonBlade
    Dual Nebula Slasher
    CC FiendBattle Sword
    CC FiendBattle Dual
    CC Dual Tentacles OF MGX5
    Dual Celestial Holy Blade
    Dark Celestial Knight Spear
    Cape //
    All Caps for user
    Redaq Shoulder Parasol
    Oblivion Dual Cape1
    Oni Reaper Pixel Cape
    Faih Archfiend Cyber Cloak
    Pillar Elemental Wings
    Gaara Sand Cape
    Celestial Rev Hunter Cape
    Dragon Wing Toxic
    CC Ashie BackBlades Cape
    Dragon Witch Dragon Shadow
    Lightning Thunder AuraCape
    NEO Cape
    Hizu Cape
    Angel Cape
    LunarSand WingsCC
    Blood Satan Flames (DELETED)
    Gravity Cloak
    CC Rotating Oblivion BackBlades Of Gray
    Silent Wanderer Attack Back
    Death Caster Wings
    Yami No Akuma Guardian (Beta)
    I Love RedAQ
    Dual dark cape
    Shadow Rocker Cape
    Capa do orb
    Excalibur Dragon Cape
    Golden Celestial Warrior Wings
    Ecstacy Shaman Spirit
    Drakath's Wings
    Demon Asta Grimoire
    Grand Dragon Spires
    Sorrow of the Unholy Demon
    Soul Hunter Cape
    Death Caster Shadowed Wings
    ArchMage Cape
    Creepy Undead Monkey On Your Back
    CC FiendBattle Wings Tail
    CC FiendBattle Wings
    Cape Enhancement +850
    Dark Celestial Knight Wings
    Klooun Corrupted Chrono Cape
    Helm //
    All Helm for user
    Transforming Hair
    Celestial Rev Hunter Hat
    Nightmare Hunter Tricorn
    Red Cap
    Redaq Casual Hood+Locks
    Icy Claws Hood
    Dark Celestial Knight Helmet
    Klooun Chrono Mysterious Hood
    Cursed Pirate Hood
    Toxic Samurai Helm
    Tyronius Crazy Face
    Jedi Shadow Locks
    Gaara Hair
    Black Panther Helm
    Shadow Warlock Commander's Hat
    Evil Nexus Hair
    Priest Rev HP
    Red Big Hat
    Horc DeathMonger Helm
    Santa Girl (WTH SGR)
    Dack Helmet (Female)
    Grand Dragon Keras
    CC Claws Hood
    King of Nexus Crown
    Gas Mask
    Electrical Helm (SUPER ULTRA RARE )
    Ze Droguinha
    Crimson Darkness Headgear
    Faih Head phones
    Mysterious Hood
    Ranger Hat
    Yami No Akuma Hat (Beta)
    Redaq Casual Hood
    CC Pandy Hood
    CC Cap Of ReX
    Lightning Thunder Hair
    Sexy Girl Locks
    Troll Face xD
    Halo Ring Hair
    Shadow Rocker Locks
    Urenys Imagina Personal Helm
    Voltaire Hat
    Toquinha Baiana Hair
    Angel Hair
    Golden Celestial Warrior Helmet
    Golden Celestial Warrior Locks
    Ecstacy Shaman Locks
    Soul Hunter Hair
    Ecstacy Shaman Hair
    7Th Demonic Oreo Helm
    Silent Wanderer Mask
    Grand Dragon Curse
    Grand Dragon Guard
    Shadow Rocker Hair
    Unholy Demon Howl
    Voodoo Brawler Hat
    Voodoo Brawler Hat (Female)
    Death Caster Hair
    Death Caster Cut
    Death Caster Hair Horns
    Death Caster Cut Horns
    Satanic Goat Head
    Creepy Undead Monkey Morph
    CC FiendBattle Helm
    Mega Ultra Pirate Hat
    Vegeta Helm
    Pet //
    All Pet for user
    Drego Duck Pet
    Red Oblivion Pet
    Black Oblivion Pet
    RedRare OBL
    Angel's Sword Pet
    Spectre Servant
    Mini RedRare
    KSK Black
    Taro Blademaster Guardian
    Vampire Red Pirate Kart
    Oblivion of Nulgath
    Yami No Akuma Guardian Battle pet (Beta)
    Swank Own Virus Servant
    Battlefiend Blade of Nulgath
    Creepy Undead Monkey Pet
    Mochi Mochi
    Other //
    All Other for user
    One-Bedroom Lycan Cave
    Staff crystals Token
    Epic Item Ticket
    Dictionary of Reptiles
    Essence of Nulgath
    Charmed Loved
    WubWub Red
    Dregonay Craft Token
    Free Pass Of Nulgath (Item)
    Chrono Class Token
    Skull (itens)
    Medal of Honor
    Voucher of Lukas
    Experience Boost (1Hr)
    Machine Coin
    Celestial Token
    Chrono Token
    Crypto Token
    level 50 token
    Flag Piece
    Newbie Monster Slain
    Day 2 Half token 1
    Learning the shadow power
    Chaotic Drumset
    Helping a Monster Unlocked
    Premium Token (Coming Soon)
    Sunset Beach House
    Pink Quartz
    Treasure Chest
    Purple Quartz
    Lazuli pencil
    Life Of Dark Makai
    Cast Jasper
    Life Of Tainted Elemental
    Voucher of Nulgath (non-mem)
    Dragon Token
    Water Token
    Wing Essence
    Lycan Plaque
    Onyx Token
    Deady Sign
    Old Werewolf King Stone Statue
    EyedPod Player
    Constantin Painting
    Werewolf King Gold Statue
    Portal To The Unknown
    Stone Throne
    Dwarfhold Door
    Escherion's Portal
    Scientist's Potion
    Magical Bonfire
    Rotating Floor Map
    Red Rug
    Log Bench
    Dimensional Elixir (A)
    Unknow Gem
    Dimensional Elixir (B)
    Teranus 's Head
    Dimensional Token
    Robot fragment
    Lithium fragment
    VoidArmor Token!
    Anime Token
    Moglinster Token
    Royal Token
    Hunter I
    Green Diamond
    Day 2 Half token 2
    Blacksmith's Note
    Dragon Token
    Bone Dust
    Haven Pass
    Powers Scroll
    Sky Token
    Infernal Goblin Token
    Blue Diamond
    Blacksmith's Hammer
    Hunter III
    Hunter IV
    Turkey Bone
    Looters's Head
    Thief's Essence
    Time fragment
    Helm of Time
    Elixir of Time
    Badaxy Token
    Lycan Token 1
    Cold Water
    Spider Slain
    Insect's Wing
    Sentinel Defeated
    Knight Defeated
    Toy Piece
    Cursed Pirate Bone
    Basic Summer Token
    Advanced Summer Token
    Dimensional Elixir (C)
    Guitar Hero Token
    Legion Token
    Lycan Token 2
    Royal Token x5
    Stack of Fortune Tickets
    Void Nation Token
    Future Legion Token
    Eye of the Gecko
    Halloween Token
    BlackM Key
    Essence of warrior
    Essence of Calandra
    SnakeWyrm Head
    Naval Fragment
    Frost Bag(Merge)
    Spider Poison
    Red Demon Token
    Magic Treasure Chest Key
    Broken legion token
    Mithril Man Killed
    Week 1 Day 1
    Robbery piece
    Eternal V2
    Challenge Token -_-
    Dragonslayer Token Defender
    Enhancement's Token
    3,000 Rc Bag
    Nexus Newbie Token
    Klooun Newbie Token
    Riper Newbie Token
    Fuuka Newbie Token
    Kloud Newbie Token
    Olrox Newbie Token
    Peregrinus Newbie Token
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