Idioma: English
    Charpage DevilDemonio //
    ID: 100183176 (Diamond)
    Armors //
    All Armors for user
    Deadly Assassin
    Cursed Legion Commander
    Celestial GateKeeper Armor
    Valkyric Glory Armor
    Grief Armor
    Dark Blood Of Nulgath
    Doctor Who CC
    Guardian Armor
    ArchAngel Nulgath Armor
    Chaos Naval Commander
    Skelly Jamz
    Paladin Defender
    Slave of Heath
    Likes Collector
    Necrotic Caster
    Brightfall Commander
    Moon Bow Ninja
    Inferno's Emissary
    Risen Sun Ninja
    Prismatic Maul
    Blood Draconic Armor
    Legion Soul Weaver
    Prismatic Elf
    Elemental Summoner
    Urban Samurai Armor
    Yami no Samurai
    Infernal Pirate Captain
    Classes //
    All Classes for user
    Fiend of Lukas
    Alpha Omega
    Abyssal UnderWorld
    Dragon Shinobi
    Evo Pumpkin Lord
    Darkblood StormKing
    Glacial Cristality
    War Neutral
    Shadow Knight
    Wicked Ripper
    Pirate Class
    Legacy of Prome
    Cleric of Time
    Classic DragonSlayer
    Dark Caster
    MAD Scientist
    Time Traveller
    Bronze Class
    Dark Legion Mage
    Darkness Shinobi
    Likes Collector Class
    Chrono TimeWalker
    Gold Class
    Platinum Class
    Diamond Class
    Servant of Osyris
    Star Warrior
    Dark Lord
    Weapon //
    All Weapon for user
    Inferno's Longinus
    Valkress blade
    Celestial Book
    Dark Guardian Strike
    Cavemancer Axe
    Dack Flame
    Celestial Sword
    Broken Runes Sword
    Celestial Sword of Nulgath
    Chaos Sepulchure Blade
    Blinding Light of Chaos
    Dual Busters of Nulgath
    Flaming Bow
    Blood Draconic Sword
    Legion Soul Vessel
    Moon Bow Ninja Katana
    Truth Seeker
    MechFiend Blade of Nulgath
    Celestial Brightfall Commander Blade
    Prismatic Oblivion Blade
    Prismatic Virtue
    Blood Draconic Spear
    Arcane legion Scythe
    Paladin Defender Axe
    Wand of Summoning
    Risen Sun Dual Katanas
    Black Lightning Katana
    Infernal Pirate Rapier
    87500 Acs (Sell after rellog)
    Cape //
    All Caps for user
    Shadow Assassin Puppeteer and Blade
    GateKeeper Cape
    Guardian Of Death
    Legion Stone Altar
    Celestial Wings of Nulgath
    Hearts Cape
    MechFiend Cape of Nulgath
    Celestial Brightfall Wing
    Holy Wings Of Hope
    BrightSchyte Knight Cape
    Blood Draconic Cloak
    Elemental Summoner Rune
    Whyte Golden Cape
    Sheathed Kuro and Oni
    Infernal Parrot Cape
    Shadow Void Shogun Runes
    Helm //
    All Helm for user
    Brightfall Commander Halo
    Arcane Dark Caster hat
    Viking Beard Helm
    Viking Chop Helm
    CelestialKeeper Hood
    ArchAngel Nulgath Morph
    Battle-patched Wolf Hair
    Helm of Brutal Annihilation
    Battle-patched Wolf Locks
    Deadly Assassin Horn
    Pirate of Love Hat
    Moon Bow Ninja Hair
    Veiled BrightFall Halo
    Emissary's Blind v2
    Paladin Defender Helm
    BrightSchyte Helm
    Blood Draconic Hair
    Legion Weaver Hair
    Arcane Dark Spirit Flame
    Elemental Summoner Hair
    Risen Sun Ninja Hair
    Infernal Pirate Captain Hat
    Urban Samurai Hat
    Pet //
    All Pet for user
    Flying Necrotic Head Pet
    Battlefiend Blade of Nulgath
    god mother
    Celestial Sword of Nulgath Pet
    Martyr's Love Orb
    Arcane Spirit Orb
    Other //
    All Other for user
    Cleric's temple House
    Hunter I
    Player Legion
    Skull Token
    Dictionary of Reptiles
    Turkey Bone
    Poisonous Piece
    Karok Token
    Item Recipe +200
    Essence of Imp
    Skull Token (Osyris)
    Sentinel Defeated
    Tainted Piece
    Green Diamond
    Life Of Dark Makai
    Life Of Tainted Elemental
    Treasure Chest
    Voucher of Nulgath (non-mem)
    Hunter IV
    Hunter III
    Nulgath Token
    Onyx Token
    Wing Essence
    Blue Diamond
    Essence of Nulgath
    BLoD Note
    Mithril Man Killed
    Spider Slain
    Cuzao Slain
    Sentinel Defeated
    Chrono Class Token
    Water Token
    Dage Gem
    Dage Token
    Honor Of Dage
    Kroatan Essence
    Nulgath Gem
    Player Nation
    J6' Wedding House
    Arena Token C
    Chrono Token
    Free Pass Of Nulgath (QUEST)
    Dead Soul
    Machine Coin
    Special Energy
    Moglinster Token
    Learning the shadow power
    Redeem Me!
    Honor Of Nulgath
    Piece of Old Cloth
    Map of the Fragments
    Naval Fragment
    Cave token
    Legion Token
    Purple Diamond
    Orange Diamond
    History Of Essence
    Free Pass Of Nulgath (Item)
    Royal Token
    Arena Token A
    Arena Token B
    Mad Piece
    Totem of Nulgath
    Dragon Token
    Magic Treasure Chest Key
    Sunken Pirate Base
    Flag Piece
    Insect's Wing
    Altar Of Sanguine
    Altar Of Ragnarok
    Altar Of Caladbolg
    Hidden Fire Pit
    Gingerbread House
    Haunted House
    One-Bedroom Vampire House
    Battle Garden
    Haven Pass
    Cursed Pirate Bone
    Toy Piece
    Knight Defeated
    1200 Acs
    Cold Water
    Birthday Token
    Red (Itens)
    Boiling Stone
    Red Dragon Heart
    Bone Dust
    Red Token
    DragonL Token
    Anime Token
    Lycan Token 2
    Lycan Token 1
    Premium Token (Coming Soon)
    Valsarian Token
    Lava Dragon Heart
    Lion Sword Token
    Royal Paladin Token
    Essence of Drakath
    Bone of Thanatos's Minion
    Essence of Thanatos
    Bone Broken
    Tooth Broken
    Gem Shard
    Necrotic Token
    Deadly Token
    Murbury Token
    Lion Cape Token
    Lion Armor Token
    Lion Helm Token
    Armor of love
    Prism Token
    Drone Token
    Reactor Token
    DragonL (Itens)
    Carneage Token
    Spider Soul
    Rich Token
    Diamond of Nulgath
    Blood Shard
    Switcher Armor
    Cursed Cape 1
    Traveller Piece
    Spider Poison
    Fire Piece
    Dragon Token
    Sky Token
    X Experience
    Celestial Token
    Mo-GLOW-ween Token!
    Fortress Token
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