Idioma: English
    Charpage Dregonay 2nd //
    ID: 1991984978 (Master)
    Armors //
    All Armors for user
    Rosque In Rou Armor
    SZR Gray
    Ultra Berserker Armor
    Underworld Pirate Commander
    Pyro Naval Commander
    Summer Rev
    Crazy Cientist 's Armor
    Revamped Revontheus
    Ancient Flame Master
    Rev Formal Suit
    Prometheus Disciple
    Dregonay Badass de Orr (Male Only)
    Prismatic Alpha Pirate
    Love Garb of Dregonay
    Prismatic Roses
    Na Pegada Armor
    RedAQ Team Football
    Christmas of They Naval
    Claws Naval Commander
    CC Pandy Hoodie
    Legion Mage Armor
    Infernal Demon
    Silver Chrono Tool Naval
    Draconyx Armor
    Viking Armor
    Shadoweater Assassin
    Samurai Armor
    Jubs Personal
    Conjuring Armor
    Classes //
    All Classes for user
    Ultra Berserker
    The Badass
    Lord Of Darkness (Rare)
    Darkness Champion
    Chrono TimeWalker
    Eternal Flame Mage
    Future Chronomancer
    Soy yo bolita de fuego
    Blood Ancient
    Troubador of Love
    Chrono Remaining
    Weapon //
    All Weapon for user
    Guitar Hero
    Pyro Naval Pistol Cutlass
    Doomed Spirits Seeker
    Underworld Pirate Cutlass
    Pyro Naval Cutlass
    Ultra Berserker Blade
    Underworld Pirate Pistol Cutlass
    Dual Light Champion
    Reddit Dragon Blade
    Love Cane of Drego
    Inferno's Longinus
    RedRare RainBowKatana
    ChronoKiller Vortex Time Polearm
    Crazy Cientist 's Weapon
    Revamped Revontheus Sword
    Ancient FlameMaster Gauntlets
    Ddog Of Dredd (Rare)
    Dual Ddog Of Dredd (Rare)
    Cyber General Axe of Faih
    Faih Naval Guitar
    Faih Blood Dragonblade
    Faih Shadow Polearm
    CCFaihSilverSmithedGunblade1 test
    Toxic Asgardian Hammer Shield
    Faih Nation Claws
    Faih Blue Fiend Talons
    Surf Faih Miltonius
    Faih Rose sword
    Faih OverFiend Sword
    Faih Nation StarSword
    Nation Phoenix Sword
    Velvet SurfBoard Of Gray
    Luffy Gear 4 Surfboard
    Dual Summer Coconut Drink
    Summer Coconut Drink
    Default Sword(Staff Only)
    Back Katana of Lukas
    Dregonay Badass Spear
    CC Dual Darkzin Sword
    Dual Supreme Blade
    Panda Bear On A Stick
    CC Dual Flame Dragon Blade
    Prismatic Roses Cane
    Vordred Dragon Blade
    Ta Bateno
    Dual Back Katana of Lukas
    Dregonay Badass Dual Spear
    Legion Mage Staff
    Infernal Demon Sword
    Silver Chrono Tool GutlingGun
    Dual Silver Chrono Tool Cutlass
    Curse Demon Asta Daggers
    Curse Demon Asta Daggers
    MindBreaker's Psy-blade
    Draconyx Eletric Dagger
    Draconyx Electric Sword
    Draconyx Electric Polearm
    Viking Axe
    Shadoweater Lance
    Ghoul Blood Weapon
    Cape //
    All Caps for user
    Toro Cape
    Underworld Pirate Runes
    Pyro Naval Rune Cannon
    Doomed Back Sword
    Ultra Berserker Sword Cape
    Ultra Berserker Cape
    Underworld FlameMaster Sigil
    Ancient Flame Master Sigil
    CC Dredd Soul Reaper Cape
    Dredd's ShadowCape
    Ancient FlameMaster Burning Sigil
    Supreme Cape
    Cyber Guardian Shadow
    Shadow Cape of Lukas
    Prismatic Evil Aura
    Cryomancer's Snowing Wrap CC
    Prometheus Orbital
    Sacola De Ta Bateno
    Frost Santa Tail
    Ardentice Buster Imperial Guard
    Legion Mage Cape
    Infernal Demon Spyke
    Infernal Demon WingSpyke
    Infernal Demon Themed Spyke
    Silver Chrono Tool Wings
    Draconyx Spirit
    Draconyx Spirit CC
    Shadoweater Mummy Cape
    CC Dual Samurai Effect
    Helm //
    All Helm for user
    Rosque Trevosa
    Pyro Naval Morph Hat Female
    Pyro Naval Top Hat Locks
    Pyro Naval Hat Skull Morph
    Doomed Hood
    Ultra Berserker Human
    Ultra Berserker Helmet
    FlameMaster Hair
    Ancient FlameMaster Mask
    Summer Style Hair
    Summer Style Locks
    Rosque Hair
    Prometheus Disciple Helm
    Prometheus Orbital Helm
    CC Pandy Hood
    Prismatic Roses Hat + Locks
    CC Pandy Hood Locks
    Love Crown of Dregonay
    Dregonay Badass Hat
    Prismatic Roses Hat
    Baah Long Locks
    Legion Mage Hat
    Legion Mage Hat + Locks
    Infernal Fury Hood
    Infernal Demon Hood
    Silver Chrono Tool Bandanna
    Silver Chrono Tool Bandanna + Sunglass
    Draconyx Hair
    Draconyx Locks
    Draconyx Helm
    Draconyx Helmet
    Viking Helm
    Viking Locks
    Shadoweater Morph
    Shadoweater Locks Morph
    Pet //
    All Pet for user
    Dredd's Phoenix Pet
    Drego Duck Pet
    Floating Underworld FlameMaster Mask
    Floating Ancient FlameMaster Mask
    Dredd Drudgen
    Dredd Pet
    Dredd Phoenix Pet
    Supreme Pet
    CC Mini Chaturb Of Gray
    Other //
    All Other for user
    Class 6/21/2019
    Basic Summer Token
    Premium Token (Coming Soon)
    250,000 Acs Bag (Sell After Relog)
    ??? Class
    Blacksmith's Hammer
    Wing Essence
    Blacksmith's Note
    M4TR1X of Nulgath (RARE)
    Sunset Beach House
    MGX5 Reward Relog Before sell
    Stack of Fortune Tickets
    Royal Token x5
    Collector's Token
    Collector's Token
    Collector's Token
    Collector's Token
    Collector's Token
    200000 Acs Coin
    Comments //
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