Armors //
All Armors for user
King Queen Chaos Weaver Modest
Dark Blood Of Nulgath
Guardian Armor
Beleen Personal (Female Only)
Invisible Morph
Likes Mage
Death's Apprentice
The Darkness Inside
Drakath's Armor
J6 Scientist
Dawn Archmage
Noble Angel Clothes
Cake Armor
Fluid Prismatic Clothes
Legion Cyber Doomknight (Female)
Wind Weaver
Veneeria Personal (Female Only)
Turtle Marauder
Bad Romancer
Royal Wedding
Chaos Warrior
Skelly Jamz
Golden Faih Void
Ronin Hunter
BZL Armor
Omega Corsair
Captain of Diamonds
Prometheus Of Faih
Amazon Armor
Reptile jurassic Rider
Cruise Captain
Dream Plate (Rare)
Glacial Paragon
Astral Mage
Xan Armor
Abyssal UnderWorld
Arcane of Nulgath
Japonese School
Scarletta Blue
Obsidian Assassin
MAD Weaponsmith
Dragarian Armor
Vamp Color
Football Dack (Rarity)
Masquerade Stag Armor
Likes Collector
Kanataka Warrior Armor
PokeDack (Female)
Prismatic Elf
Thug Bag Space!
Vaden Armor
Seraphic Hunter
Paragon Dreadnought Robe
Chaos Card Naval
Bride (Special Female)
Witch Armor
Pink Female
Amazing Magic Otaku
Lotus Armor
13th Pirate Captain
Lillith pero Armor
Classes //
All Classes for user
Golden Assassin
Thief of Hours
Elemental Dracomancer
Blood Titan
Blood Ancient
Cleric of Time
Darkblood StormKing
Light Underworld
Bronze Class
Dragon Shinobi
Servant of Osyris
Chronomancer Berserker
Classic DragonSlayer
Dark Knight
Celestial Angel General
The TimeKiller (Rare)
Empty Ninja
Weapon //
All Weapon for user
Candy Cane
Spear of Red Glow
Dual Gendaito Katana (cc)
Dual Obsidian Dragon Scythe
Soul Ripper
FrostScythe's Cruelty
Faih Guitar !!
Default Sword
Dual Soul Eater Sword
Accessory DaiDoji Katana
Ticket Phoenix Blade
Shattered Ice
Dark Stabbers
Justice Daggers
Epic Blade
Drakath's Sword
Accessory DaiDoji Dual Katanas
BladeMaster's Sword and Sheath
Derp StarSword
Red Ungodly
Blinding Light of Destiny
Blade of Awe
Elite Dual Asgardian Hammers
Faih Golden Katana
Tommy Gun
Dark Samurai Katana
Faih Star sword !!
Titan v93 Gun
Arcane legion Pistol
Grotesque Bow
Omega Rapier
Golden Sessors of Faih
The Apprentice's Scythe
The Piercer Accoutrements
Energy Chi
Eternal Katana of Prometheus (blue)
Cagnazzo Plushie
Bamboo Rifle
Flaming Moose Katana
Gold Frostscy the Cruelty Of Faih
MindBreaker's Psy-blade
Crimson Knight Of Faih
Sanctified Glaives
History Stone Hand
Cyber OverLord Black
Faih Golden Daggers !!
Blood Spirit Staff
Faih Toxic BloD
Tech Katana
Reality Staff
Celestial Daggers
The Piercer Tombstone
Dual Glowing Katana
Spelled DeathKnight Axe
Dredd's SoulReaper
Fire Flail
87500 Acs (Sell after rellog)
Faih Knight Excalibur !!
Dual Golden Granada 2
Love StarSword
Dreadnought Death Scythe
Mogloween Crazy Blade
Mogloween Crazy Hammer
Dual Bright Katana
Sora's Hourglass
Zazul's Razor
Dual PhoenixBlade of Nulgath (Rare)
Sanctified Sword and Shield
Saitama Surfboard
Cape //
All Caps for user
CC Ashie BackBlades Cape
Sanctified Wings
Emerald Dragon Mage Cape
Ghost Wings
Ride the Lightning
NEO Cape
The Wings of the Cast Out
Purple and Blue Insect Wings
Holy Wings Of Hope
Shadow Wings
Drakath's Wings
Time Clock Cape
Triple Wings of Nulgath
Weapon Magic Cape
Turtle Shell
Red Shadow
Legion Stone Altar
Ragged Autumn Wings
Doomed Cape
Hizu Cape
Rainbow Wings
Rune Dragon Cape
Dawn Archmage Cape
Zealith Reaver Wings
MindBreaker's Cloak
Gilded Fallen Angel Wings
History Stone Cape
Mystic Fingers Cape
Paragon Energy Cape
Multi Ring Diamond Cape
13th Pirate Captain Specter
Plantinum Wings Pink
Mgx5 Dragon Stlan Cape
Backblades of Assassins
Silver Eternal Flame
RedRare MiltonPoolhand cape
Prism All Wings
Mgx5 chaos Cape
Helm //
All Helm for user
Satanic Headphones
Omega Head Band
Queen's Crown
Gas Mask
Golden Hockey Mask
Cavemancer Helm
Light Caster Hairstyle
Cursed Legion Hair
SuperSayan Hair
Turtle Marauder Head
BrightFall Halo Locks
Scarfed Boy
Evil Lady Hair
Demon Horns Of Lillith
Hood of Death's Apprentice
Osyris Helm
Scarfed Girl
Santa Girl (WTH SGR)
Master Ninja Hair
Bearded Rain Fro
The White Witch's Hat
Winged Helm of Justice
wolf morph
King's Crown
Horned Helm of Honor
Blade Hair
King Cat Morph
Face of Revontheus
ChaosWarrior Helm
Dawn Archmage Helm
Skull Hood
Dragon DoomKnight Helm
afraid cat
Cyber Helm
Forest Elf Helm
EliteAsgardian Helmet
MindBreaker Helm
Goku Hair
Necro Obsidian Hood
Dancing Duck
Vampirate Hair
Player One helm
Top Hat Hair
Faih Cat Ears
Pony Morph
Legion Kat Hat
Reindeer Hat 2
Light Caster Hood
Birthday Helm
Mage Hair Style
Neko Female Hair
Deadly Jester Mask
Mystic Fingers Mask
White Hood
Chaos Weaver Morph
Hood Of The Piercer
Horned Skull
Undead Skull Hood
Horned Druid Helm
Horned Druid Locks
Mystic Fingers Hood
Undead Faih tall hat
Magical Girl hair
Dreadnought Hood
Viking Chop Helm
The Master's Hat
Pirate Locks
Simple Empress Hair
Pink Female Helm
Dark stair Fae Horned Locks
Elemental Summoner Long Locks
Mystical Ranger Enchanter Veiled Aurora Locks
Zealith Reaver Helm
Valor High Halo
Red Cap and Glasses
13th Tricorn Patch + Beard
13th Tricorn Patch + Locks
LIllith Cute Helm
Pet //
All Pet for user
Kawai Alpacacorn Pink
KSK Black
Cavemancer Company Knight
Asuna Anime pet (Rare)
Silverclaw Battlepet
Evil Chest Bank Pet
Dragon Con Chibi Zazul
Taro BladeMaster
Oblivion of Nulgath
Neko Kawaii pet
Fenrir Red
Mini Beleen
Warlord Drakel
Baby Yeti Battle Pet
Deady Big In Japan
Hate Hawk
Iron Rune Dragon
Ernandes Pet
Arcane Transforming Magic Book
Battlefiend Blade of Nulgath
Brasil World Cup
Derpfiend moglinDragon and cat!
Twig Oppa
Golden FairyFlute
Chaos Lord Warrior Pet
Cthulhu Legion Black Pet
Acid Orb
Evolved Warlord Orb
Drego Duck Pet
Other //
All Other for user
J6' Wedding House
Pink Diamond
Life Of Dark Makai
Crossed Muskets1
Escherion's Portal
Battle Garden
Crossed Muskets2
Deady Sign
Dwarfhold Door
Voucher of Nulgath (non-mem)
Essence of Nulgath
Treasure Chest
Life Of Tainted Elemental
Essence of Drakath
Totem of Nulgath
Legion Token
Broken legion token
Naval Fragment
Chrono Class Token
Chrono Token
Cave token
Poisonous Piece
Tainted Piece
Earth Piece
Fire Piece
Water Piece
Hunter III
Hunter IV
Turkey Bone
Arena Token C
Onyx Token
Royal Token
BLoD Note
Green Diamond
Red Demon Token
Piece of Old Cloth
Valsarian Token
Anime Token
Wing Essence
Honor Of Nulgath
Bat Head
Mo-GLOW-ween Token!
Craws Ingredients
Bat Ingredients
Ghoul's Body
Bone Broken
Void Nation Token
Redeem Me!
Dragon Token
PVP Token
Christmas Merge Token
Christmas Item Token
Christmas Token
Lion Sword Token
Skull (itens)
DragonL (Itens)
Essence of Thanatos
Dimensional Elixir (C)
Lycan Token 1
Lycan Token 2
Armor of love
Machine Coin
SnakeWyrm Head
Essence of Calandra
Essence of Darkdoun
Light Void C
Light Void B
Robot fragment
Scientist's Potion
Lithium fragment
The TimeKiller Class Token
VoidArmor Token!
Dimensional Elixir (B)
Unknow Gem
Void Quartz
Dimensional Elixir (A)
Dimensional Token
Teranus 's Head
Stack of Fortune Tickets
Haunted House
Basic Summer Token
Note 10
Moglinster Token
Helm of Time
Elixir of Time
Time fragment
Advanced Summer Token
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