Idioma: English
    Charpage Junax132 //
    ID: 1992017369 (Normal)
    Armors //
    All Armors for user
    Alpha Pirate Modern Version
    Ronin Hunter
    Evolved BladeMaster
    Crystallis Voyager
    Celestial Rev Hunter
    Likes Mage
    Kind of Brave
    Oni Reaper Armor
    Dark Asgardian
    13th Pirate Captain
    Evil Kid
    Prismatic Elf
    Hollowink Garb
    Epic Neon
    Dark Armor of Swank
    Valoth Conjuring Armor
    Peregrinus Personal Armor
    King Queen Chaos Weaver Modest
    Newbie Naval Commander
    Reptile jurassic Rider
    One-Eyed Warrior
    King of Nexus
    Evolved Dark Armor Of Swank
    7Th Demonic Oreo Armor
    Loyalist White Football
    Royal Wedding
    Luffy Gear (Red Personal)
    DarkCaster Evolution
    Devil Rev Vamp Naval
    Summer Rave Suit
    Lion Formal Mage
    Neo Reaper of Hades
    Paladin Naval Commander
    Vamp Color
    Drego Legion Flame
    Classes //
    All Classes for user
    Empty Ninja
    Dimensional Champion
    Blood ColorFul
    Christmas of They
    Platinum Knight
    Shadow Knight
    Weapon //
    All Weapon for user
    The Dark Rising
    RedAQ Flames
    Dark Katana of Swank
    Slasher Of Undead
    EXTREMELY BIG Default Sword
    Base DaiDoji Dual Katanas
    Chaos SoulReaper
    Tongue of fire Sword
    Uni 96
    Legion Minister Buster
    Dual Sword of Legion
    15000 Acs (Sell after rellog)
    Newbie Kickstarter Dagger of Swank
    Drego Legion Flame Dual Sword
    Dark Asgardian Hammer + Shield
    Dual Prismatic GGG OF Mgx5
    Crystallis Deep Dive
    Dual Toxic DragonBlade
    Atlas Weapon Enhancement +0
    Dack Flame
    ShadowFlame Glaive
    Evil Nexus DragonBlade
    The First Deadly Dragon Sword
    Blinding Light of Destiny
    Default Sword
    Default Sword
    7Th Demonic Oreo Swords
    Tech Katana
    Dual DragonBlade Of Nulgath
    Undead Assassin Swords
    Devil Pitchfork
    Red Ungodly
    Warlic's Scythe
    Dual Broken Runes Sword (expensive)
    Oni Reaper Scythe
    EtuaryBlade Of Jer Jer
    Dual Dragonslayer Caladbolg
    Dual Gendaito Katana (cc)
    Dual Super Orb of Nulgath
    Tempest Polearm
    Dragon Witch Fang
    Uchiha Katana ^^
    Crystal Phoenix Blade of Nulgath
    Mana Legendary Pillar's
    Celestial Rev Hunter Bow
    Dual Black Pirate of Tor
    CC Dual Tentacles OF MGX5
    Bow Of Viltusial
    Golden Spirit Rod
    Lost Blade of Thagnul
    Skullpunch Parang
    Dual Axe of Paladin
    Dual Cursed Dragon Blade
    Devil Rev Vamp Katana
    Faih Harvesting Spear
    Draconic Reavers
    Dual Celestial Holy Blade
    Dual Nebula Slasher
    Flaming Katana
    Red Evolved ProtoParagon Dagger
    Cape //
    All Caps for user
    NEO Cape
    Black Warp Necromancer Cape
    Drego Legion Flame One Thorn
    Gaia's Rock Guardian
    Legion Minister Rune
    Legion Minister Cape
    Fade Angel Wings
    Werepyre Slayer Wings
    Legion Minister Wings
    Lion Mage Cape
    Faih Toxic Fiend Cape
    Chronix Wings
    Atlas Cape Enhancement +0
    Dark Asgardian Horseshoe
    Oni Reaper Pixel Cape
    Yokai Tails
    Crystallis Serpentine Wings
    Toxic DragonBlade Cape
    Drakath's Wings
    Klooun Corrupted Chrono Cape
    Angelic Wings
    Gilded Fallen Angel Wings
    CC FiendBattle Wings
    Light Caster Glowing Runes
    Legion Titan Cloak
    Crystallis Mech Wings
    A Gourdly Spirit1
    BladeMaster's Side Swords
    History Stone Cape
    Legion Eternal Flame
    Draconyx Spirit CC
    Bright Wings
    Cursed Dunstalker's Wings
    Celestial Rev Hunter Cape
    Weapon Magic Cape
    Dredd's DoomFire
    Dark Caster Arcanist Ring
    Platinum Wings Evil
    Dark shadow of sepulchure
    Beast Summoner Rune Cape
    Legion Minister Wings Rune
    Moonwalker Flightpack
    Demon Asta Grimoire
    Death Caster Wings
    Dark Cape of Swank
    Blaster on your Back
    Helm //
    All Helm for user
    Transforming Hair
    Newbie Tricorn
    Death Caster Cut Horns
    Cyber DoomHelm
    Lion Mage Hood
    Horc Head Morph
    Atlas Helm Enhancement +0
    Dark Asgardian Helmet
    Crystallis Drifter's Morph
    Peregrinus Toxic
    Crystallis Voyager's Halo + Hair
    Epic Neon Helm
    Dragon Clan Mask (cc)
    Crystallis Voyager's Halo + Locks
    13th Tricorn Patch + Beard
    Virus Angel Halo
    Luffy hat CC
    afraid cat
    Legion Vampire Helm
    Devil Rev Vamp Hat
    Celestial Hair
    Oni Reaper Hair
    Mage Hair Style
    Devil Rev Vamp Hair
    Dawn Archmage Helm
    Necro Obsidian Hood
    13th TopHat
    Klooun Chrono Mysterious Hood
    Golden Celestial Warrior Locks
    MindBreaker Helm
    Valor High Head phone
    Aeroxus WarMage Hair
    The Shadow Manipulator Head
    Drego Legion Flame Hood
    Celestial Rev Hunter Hat
    Silver Chrono Tool Bandanna + Sunglass
    Gas Mask
    Evil Nexus Hair
    Moonwalker Helm (Rare)
    Drego Legion Flame Mask
    7Th Demonic Oreo Helm
    Dark Helm of Swank
    King of Nexus Crown
    Pet //
    All Pet for user
    Chaos Lord Warrior Pet
    Drego Duck Pet
    Red Oblivion Pet
    KSK Black
    Swank Own Virus Servant
    Tented Phoexis Blade Pet
    Other //
    All Other for user
    Broken Bone 2
    Bone of Thanatos's Minion
    Essence of Drakath
    Hunter III
    Arena Token B
    ArchFiend Armor Token
    ArchFiend Sword Token
    ArchFiend Other Token
    Magic Treasure Chest Key
    5,000 Rc Bag
    Enhancement +800
    Dage Gem
    Dragonslayer Token Defender
    Fire Invader Orb
    Shadow Giant Token
    Sentry Fragment Token
    Valsarian Token
    Essence of Nulgath
    Crystallis Bag!
    Dread Dragon Token
    Mercutio Craft Token
    Hunter IV
    Turkey Bone
    Hallow Token
    Day 2 Half token 2
    Green Diamond
    Dregonay Craft Token
    Chicken Token
    Cave token
    Dragonslayer Token Boss
    Chrono Token
    Chrono Class Token
    Fuuka Newbie Token
    Crypto Token
    Honor Of Dage
    Player Nation
    Treasure Chest
    Arena Token C
    Life Of Dark Makai
    2,500 Rcs
    Newbie Monster Slain
    Lost Souls
    Comments //
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