Armors //
All Armors for user
Doge Naval Commander
Beleen Personal (Female Only)
OMGZilla Suit
Japonese School
Prismatic Elf
Frost DeathKnight Armor
Frozen DeathKnight
Death's Apprentice
Chaos Naval Commander
Invisible Morph
Vokunity Naval Commander
King Queen Chaos Weaver Modest
Legion Obsidian Assassin
Cake Armor
Dragarian Armor
Amazon Armor
Bad Romancer
Satanic Naval Commander
Lotus Armor
Ddog's Sea Serpent Armor
Likes Collector
Anime Maid Costume
Patreon Void
Likes Mage
Drakath's Armor
Void Naval Commander
Lycan Shaman Armor
Paragon Naval Commander
Nulgath Armor
Glacial Crystal
Wind Weaver
Fluid Prismatic Clothes
Witch Caster
Fafnir Tamer Armor
Prismatic Composer Armor
Royal Wedding
Hyper Suit of Dark
BZL Armor
BlackM Armor
Dragon DoomKnight
Spectre Techsuit
Necro Obsidian
Galaxy Hunters
The Mischief
Omega Corsair
Turtle Marauder
Sanctified Armor
Zealith Reaver
Gilded Fallen Angel
Hyper Suit of Light
Density Armor of Light
Highland Savage
Density Armor of Dark
Dire Soul Warrior
Knight of the Grid
SDF General
Space Voyager
Paladin Of Old
Kind of Brave
Tech Archer
The Shadow of Death
Brutal Annihilator
Diviner of Power
Crimson Gladiator
CaPwn Armor
Black Catty Armor
Skelly Jamz
Player One
Guardian Armor
Mystic Fingers
Prismatic Dragon Morph
Light Caster
Reptile jurassic Rider
Master Karategi
Blue Mage's Robe
Green Draconian Morph
Horc Grunt Morph
Zardman Morph
Dark Matter Knight
Dream Plate (Rare)
Pirate Armor
Crimson Darkness
Grand Dragon Slayer
Shadow Walker
Unholy Demon Judgement
Voodoo Brawler
Unholy Shadow Burst
ArchAngel Nulgath Armor
Alan walker
Void Ripper
Spelled Death Knight
Destruction Armor
Magnetic Plate
Shadow Legacy of Nulgath
Midnight Archmage
Xan Armor
Summer Style Armor
Void Shadow
Thug Bag Space!
Rev Formal Suit
Dage The Good Armor
Noble Angel Clothes
Peregrinus Personal
Troll Naval Commander
Madara Armor
Corrupted Darkness Armon
Red Darkness Naval Commander
Not a TG
Vaden Armor
Platinum Technocaster
Alpha Pirate
Boreal Cavalier Deer Rider
Sasuke Armor v2
Purple Assasin Armor
Priest Revontheus
Golden Chaos Armor
Death Skull Armor
Allien naval
7TH Ultra Rev Armor
Ghostly Naval Commander
Aluna Dark Suit (Rare)
Prismatic Mgx5 Naval
Ardent Shadowslayer(Female)
HypeFiend of Nulgath(Male)
Black Frio Armor
Akatsuki Armor
Jed-i Armor
Classes //
All Classes for user
Servant of Osyris
Cleric of Time
Glacial Cristality
Red Demon
Thief of Hours
Dark Knight
Shadow Knight
Platinum Class
Light Underworld
Dark Wizard
Silver Class
Chrono Remaining
Blood Titan
Blood Ancient
Rage Fighter
MAD Scientist
Horc Evader
Darkblood StormKing
Evolved Shaman
Dark Lord
SkyGuard Grenadier
Troll Spellsmith
Likes Collector Class
Chronomancer Berserker
Harley Quinn
Soul Eater
Weapon //
All Weapon for user
Dual Paramount Edge
Mystical Druid Staff
Blinding Light of Destiny
Blue Evolution Sword
Dual BrightSchyte Claymore
Dual DragonBlade Of Nulgath
Blue Epic Blade
Taro's Manslayer
MindBreaker's Psy-blade
The Piercer Accoutrements
Flaming Katana
Tyrone Swords
Ungodly Reavers of Nulgath
Sunburst Guitar
Dual Darkblood of nulgath Blade
Darkblood of nulgath Blade
Ticket Phoenix Blade
Cake Mace
Sanctified Sword and Shield
Blade of Awe
Random Weapon of Nulgath
Purified Claymore of Destiny
Purified Claw of Nulgath
Gravelyn Blade
Durendal Sword
Drakath's Sword
Vordred Daggers
Three Worlds Scythe
Reddit Dragon Blade
Overfiend Blade of Nulgath
RedAQ Flames
Saitama Surfboard
Desoloth's Doom
Classic Mechanical Star Sword
Mansion Guardian Axe
Dark Guardian Strike
Glacial Berserker Claymore
Fafnir Rage
Dragon DoomKnight Sword
Horn Of Terra Suul
Dual Horn Of Terra Suul
Spirit Sword
Soul Reaper Blade
Legendary Magma Sword
Dual Power Saws
Red Mana Clapper
Grotesque Bow
Accessory DaiDoji Katana
Base DaiDoji Dual Katanas
Base DaiDoji Katana
Runed Chainsword
Accessory DaiDoji Dual Katanas
Omega Rapier
Sanctified Sword
Twin Drake Cutters
Azure Flaming Fists
Sanctified Glaives
Galaxy Hammer
Duel Energy Axes
Duel Ended Energy Blades
Soul of the Space
Titan v93 Edge
Titan v93 Gun
Tech Archer Bow
Axe of Absolute Death
Bow of Bravery
Dual Blood Spirit Staff
Dual Golden Spirit Rods
Tommy Gun
Prismatic Double Scythe
Soul Ripper
Black Skull Sword
Dual Obsidian Dragon Scythe
Dual Soul Eater Sword
FrostScythe's Cruelty
Leviasean Pike
The Apprentice's Scythe
Reality Staff
Lightning Base Sword
Dual Saitama Head
Alchemist's Dual War Repeaters
Dual Mana Sword
Dual Glowing Katana
The Piercer Tombstone
Spelled DeathKnight Axe
Red Doom Blades
Mansion Stalker Staff
Balrog Blade
Dark Blade Katana
Dragon Grand Slayer
Dark Blade Sword
Dark Champion Blade
Dragon's Courage
Fear of Death
First Blade
Sword Goldwing
Sovereign Blade
Sword of Will
Crimson Dragon Scythe
Shattered Ice
Time Keepers Pressence
Unholy Demon Slash
Spectrum Halberd
Wraith Repeater
Dual Blood Challenge
Dual Light Champion
Esoteric Anarchist Dagger
Dual Black Pirate of Tor
The Tormenter
The Unholy Blade
Dark Stabbers
Onyx Star Staff
Gia's Primal Brawlers
KoalaEquilibrium DragonBlade
Demonic Sword of Justice
Default Sword
Water Sword
Earth Axe
Ornate Metal Axe
Mana Planer Staff
Wind Axe
Water Axe
Water Staff
Fire Axe
Celestial Sword of Nulgath
O-dokuro Bones Sword
Sceptre Of Divination
Betrayal Blade
ArchMage Staff
Onyx Star Scythe
Chaorrupted Star Sword
Doom Star Scythe
Paragon Star Scythe
Lava Star Scythe
Doom Star Staff
Lava Star Staff
Paragon Star Staff
Doom Star Sword
Chaos Star Staff
Dual katana annihilating
Custom Flaming Fire Essence
Dual Cursed StarSword
Rev Formal Orbd Bow
Dual Mana Legendary Pillar's
Peregrinus Personal Cane
Platinum Technocaster Bow
Dual Red Darkness Star Sword
Dual Meme Test
Seventh CC Karambit
Skullpunch Parang
Dual Star Of Mgx5
Madara Sword
Sasuke Katana
Dual Chaos Golden Sword
Death Skull Staff
Redaq Coins
Allien Sword
Dual Ghostly Cutlass
Slithering Hunter Axe
Sumpreme Blade Of Mix
Escanor Rhitta Axe
Chaos Blue Sword
Doge Commander Sword
Jed-i Sword
Cape //
All Caps for user
CC snowing Cape of Swank
OMGZilla Cape
Red Shadow
Circular Troll Cape
Glacial Crystal Sword Cape
The Wings of the Cast Out
NEO Cape
Triple Wings of Nulgath
Gilded Fallen Angel Wings
Nekoyasha Cape
ArchMage Cape
Hizu Cape
Drakath's Wings
Rev Formal Cape
Mansion Guardian Cape
Abyssal Leviathan Cape
Weapon Magic Cape
Dragon DoomKnight Wings
Zealith Reaver Wings
Sanctified Wings
Turtle Shell
Titanv9 Cape
Ghost Wings
Baggy cape personal
Prismatic Dragon Morph Wings
Doomed Cape
Grand Dragon Spires
Sorrow of the Unholy Demon
Celestial Wings of Nulgath
Dark shadow of sepulchure
Spelled Death Knight Cape
Toxic Cape
Shadow Wings
Splashy Cape
CC Ashie BackBlades Cape
Midnight Archmage Cape
Wings Of Ciriatto
Prismatic KHAR Of mgx5 (Beta)
Card Commander Cape
Soaring Wings Of Dage
Dual Star Mgx5 backblade
Oblivion Dual Cape1
Peregrinus Personal Cape
Doge NC Cape
Red Darkness Sword Cape
Pillar Elemental Wings
Platinum Technocaster Wing
Madara Cape
Boreal Cavalier Wrap
Boreal Cavalier Shield Sword Scarf Cape
Purple Assassin HeadPhone
Golden Chaos Cape
Aluna Assasin Cape
Allien capesss
Evo Samurai Shadow (Super Ultra Rare)
Alice Buttermancer Cape3
Ardent Demon Cape
Key Cape
HypeFiend of Nulgath Runes Cape
Black Frio Cape
Jed-i Cape celebration
Helm //
All Helm for user
Ze Droguinha
Sage Void of War
OMGZilla Head
Gas Mask
Face of Revontheus
Horned Skull
CC Conical
Scarfed Boy
Santa Girl (WTH SGR)
Guise of Tor
Bearded Rain Fro
Autumn Hair
Blade Hair
Dancing Duck
Birthday Helm
Chaos Weaver Morph
Valor High Halo
Rabbit Head Morph
Good Iron Wing
Golden Shadow Face
Hood of Death's Apprentice
SDF General's Helm
Glacial Crystal Helm
Mansion Guardian Skull
Fafnir Tamer Guard
King Cat Morph
Mystic Fingers Mask
Malice Cowl
Hunter Helm of Dark
Oni's Visage
Valor Domed Helm
Spectre Helm
Turtle Marauder Head
Zealith Reaver Helm
Valor High Priest
Forest Elf Helm
Lotus Helm
Gilded Fallen Angel Helm
Highland Savage Armet
Hunter Helm of Light
Dire Crested Helmet
Cyber Helm
Helm of the Grid
Galaxy Hunter Helmet
Space Voyager Visor
Tech Archer Visor
Omega Head Band
Omega Corsair Mask
Titan V93 Visor
The Shadow of Death Mask
Helm of the Mischief
Helm of Brutal Annihilation
Winged Helm of Justice
Horned Helm of Honor
Helm of Wisdom
CaPwn Hat
CaPwn Bonnet
Skull Hood
Black Cat Hat
Crimson Helm
Necro Obsidian Hood
Celestial Hair
Midnight Archmage Helm
Snow Angel hair Halo
Prismatic Dragon Morph Head
Light Caster Hairstyle
Karategi Prismatic Mask
Ichigo Mask
Alpha Omega Helmet
MindBreaker Helm
Green Draconian Head Morph
Horc Head Morph
Zardman Head Morph
Dark Mansion Horns
Xan Head
Dark Mansion Hood
Mansion Guardian Teeth Helm
Crimson Darkness Headgear
Grand Dragon Curse
Grand Dragon Guard
Grand Dragon Keras
Unholy Demon Howl
Voodoo Brawler Hat
Dark Shadow Armet
Unholy Demon Wrath
ArchAngel Nulgath Morph
Sasuke Hair
Void Ripper Helm
Spelled DeathKnight Helm
Destruction Lion Helm
Alx Magina
Corinthian Helmet
Shadow Legacy Hair
Summer Style Hair
Vengeance Helm
Void Shadow Helm
Cute Doll Hat
The Master's Hat
Dage The Good Helm
Rev Formal Hat
Satanic Headphones
Peregrinus Personal Helm
Red Darkness Tricorn Helm
Angelic Halo
13th Captain Tricorn Locks + Patch
Cursed Skull TopHat
Seraphic Technocaster Collar
Madara Hair
Boreal Cavalier Hood
Boreal Cavalier Hair Scarf
Purple Assassin HeadPhone
Priest Rev HP
Golden Chaos Hat
CC Cap Of ReX
Death Skull Helm
Kratos Helm
Dark Wizard Hat
Allien Locks
Halo Ring Hair
Ghostly Naval Tricorn
Slithering Hunter Chapeau (F)
Slithering Hunter Chapeau(M)
Goku SSJ Blue Saiyan
HypeFiend of Nulgath Facemask
Rosas Scarf (Ultra Rare)
Doge Secret Agent
Tobi Helm CC
CC Valor High Halo
CC Revontheus Hair
Pet //
All Pet for user
Red LegendPet (Rare)
Battlefiend Blade of Nulgath
Twilly Bank Pet
Death Blue Unicorn
Derpfiend moglinDragon and cat!
Derpy Cupcake
Brasil World Cup
Twig Oppa
Warlord Drakel
Baby dragon undead
Darkblood of nulgath Sword pet
Baby Red Dragon
Baby Yeti Battle Pet
Battle Bat
Cleric Zorbak
Deady Big In Japan
Dragon Con Chibi Zazul
Evil Chest Bank Pet
Grumpy Cat
Grumpy Spring Cat
Hate Hawk
Marry Christmas
Mini Beleen
Silverclaw Battlepet
Turbo Turtle
Umbral Fawn
Zorbak Bank pet
Celestial Hound
SunStone Pet
Chaos Lord Warrior Pet
Iron Rune Dragon
Taro Blademaster Guardian
Faih Skeleton pet
Black Oblivion Pet
KSK Black
Red Oblivion Pet
Dark Moglin
Oblivion of Nulgath
Celestial Sword of Nulgath Pet
Drego Duck Pet
Baby Mana Demon
Rosas Rev Pet (Super Ultra Rare)
Chibi Shadow Slayer
Spectre Servant
Other //
All Other for user
Skyguard Cruiser
Cave token
Water Piece
Life Of Dark Makai
Life Of Tainted Elemental
Treasure Chest
Voucher of Nulgath (non-mem)
Earth Piece
Tainted Piece
Poisonous Piece
Mad Piece
Free Pass Of Nulgath (Item)
Hunter IV
Spider Slain
Sentinel Defeated
Naval Fragment
Map of the fragments
Royal Token
Blue Diamond
Green Diamond
Hunter III
Player Nation
Player Legion
Dage Token
Dage Gem
Honor Of Dage
Wing Essence
bioka Food
Water Token
Powers Scroll
Special Energy
Onyx Token
Fire Piece
Dragon Token
ProtoSamurai Token
Moglinster Token
Purple Diamond
Tooth Broken
Nulgath Token
DragonL (Itens)
Skull Token
Skull (itens)
Totem of Nulgath
Royal Paladin Token
Learning the shadow power
Essence of Nulgath
Epic Item Ticket
Birthday Token
Magic Treasure Chest Key
BLoD Note
Redeem Me!
Blood Token (Osyris)
Void Nation Token
Ghoul's Body
Insect's Wing
Piece of Old Cloth
Faih Birthday Token
Faih Token!
Bat Head
Bone Dust
Essence of Darkdoun
Diamond of Nulgath
Talk Like A Pirate!
Laugh Token
Christmas Merge Token
Christmas Item Token
Lycan Token 1
Lycan Token 2
Lycan Armor Token
Dragon Token
Lion Sword Token
Lava Dragon Heart
Defeat Frankenwerepire
Pirate Token X2
Armor of love
Chrono Token
Token Gift
Voucher of Lukas
Prism Token
Spider Soul
Nulgath Gem
Celestial Token
Mirror Realm Token
Silver Undead Statue
Teleporter pad
Pile of Gold
Gold Sneevil Statue
Gold Undead Statue
Royal Couch
Royal Bed
Werewolf King Gold Statue
Vampire Queen Stone Statue
Stone Throne
King's Throne
Rotating Floor Map
Silver Sneevil Statue
Legion Token
Castle Token
Essence of Calandra
Gem Shard
SnakeWyrm Head
Scientist's Potion
Robot fragment
Chroma Theatre
VoidArmor Token!
Teranus 's Head
Void Quartz
Dimensional Elixir (A)
Dimensional Elixir (B)
Basic Wall Lamp
Helm of Time
Lithium fragment
Elixir of Time
Time fragment
Dregonay and Grayfull Key
Bone of Thanatos's Minion
Essence of Thanatos
Work hard Boy
Day 2 Half token 2
Advanced Summer Token
Basic Summer Token
Badaxy Token
Week 1 Day 1
Day 2 Half token 1
Essence of warrior
Note 10
Broken legion token
Pink Diamond
Guitar Hero Token
Bone Broken
Hunter I
Frost Bag(Merge)
Essence of Drakath
Comments //
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