Idioma: English
    Charpage Meliodas 2nd //
    ID: 1992007280 (Normal)
    Armors //
    All Armors for user
    Swag on Glasses Armor
    Primo Killer Armor ( Male Only)
    CC Haills Outfit
    Summer Rave Armor
    Na Pegada Armor
    Revontheus Chaos
    Infernal Demon
    CC Pockey Evil
    Valkirya Dark Angel Armor
    Green Leppy
    peasant Warrior
    Legacy of Nulgath
    Golden Symbionte
    Lion Formal Mage
    BloodDark Naval Commander
    Summer Bikini Flames
    Red Dark Caster X
    Onyx Legion Vampire
    Summer Rave Suit
    Crimson Cryptlord Armor
    Galactic Outfit (Female Only)
    Ultra Berserker Armor
    Klooun Corrupted Chrono
    Witch Slayer Armor
    Summer Style Armor
    Thug Naval (Super Ultra Rare)
    Ultimate Revontheus
    Vampire Queen
    Legionary Vampire
    Evil Nexus Naval Commander
    Death Caster
    Samurai Toxic Dragon
    Golden Soul Of a Hero
    KDA Akali Prestige Edition
    Prismatic Elf
    Swaggy Suit
    Valoth Conjuring Armor
    Cute Bunny Suit
    GrenwogSlayer Armor
    Conjuring Armor
    Dark Punk Armor
    Eletric Clothes (Legendary)
    Hot Girl
    Drego Legion
    Shadow Style Rocker
    Alpha Rogue
    sasuke blue
    Miku Armor
    Bunny Girl
    Shadoweater Assassin
    Demon Vorx of Nexus
    CardClasher Master (Male Only)
    Blood Ascendant (Male Only)
    Glacial Paragon
    Demon Asta
    Chaos Santa Of Faih
    King of Nexus
    Tattooed Man
    Obscure Dragon Warrior
    CC Jolly Roger
    Toxic Asgardian Armor
    Anony Formal Doom Caster.
    Dregonay And Gray Personal Armor
    Possession of Madness
    Rouge Knight (RARE)
    Corrupted Swordsman (Expensive)
    Devotion of Evil (Exclusive)
    HellScout Rider
    Faih 1
    Reaver of Nulgath
    Classes //
    All Classes for user
    Rouge Knight
    Dark Legion Mage
    Servant of Osyris
    Ultra Berserker
    Dragon Shinobi
    Dark Lord
    Darkblood StormKing
    Red Demon
    Weapon //
    All Weapon for user
    Dual CC Rixty Bow Of Gray
    CC FiendBattle Sword
    Dual BloodLetter of Dragon
    Luxhi Last Wish
    Faih Golden Daggers !!
    Klooun Corrupted Chrono Staff
    Ultima Electrix
    Dual King Taro of Nexus
    Revontheus Chaos Katana
    Infernal Demon Sword
    Dual Steampunk Knuckles Sword
    Obscure Demon Booking
    SoungKlooun Covid19
    Daggers Dage of Nexus
    Fantasy Dragon Blade
    Default Sword
    BloodDark Spear
    BloodDark Claws Daggers
    Ultra Berserker Blade
    Polearm Samurai of the effects
    Legion BloodLetter
    Legion Dual BloodLetter
    Legionary Vampire Blade
    Legionary Lance of Lukas
    Legionary Daggers
    Legion Embassed Polearm
    Legion Embassed Skull Polearm
    Vampire Queen Sword
    Tech Katana
    Death Caster Scythe
    Dragon Toxic Bow
    Evil Nexus DragonBlade
    GrenwogSlayer Scythe
    Shadow Dragon's Zeni
    Hails CCBig Sword
    Gold Dragon's Zeni
    Fire Dragon's Zeni
    Flaming Bow
    Drego Legion Scythe
    Shadow Rocker Polearm
    Fantasy pulsing Dragon Blade
    Alpha Rogue Knife
    Tomioka Pillow
    Nezuko Pillow
    Reaver of Nulgath Blade
    Blinding Light of Destiny
    CC Effect
    KDA Akali Scythe Prestige Edition
    CC Kitsune Time Katana
    Prismatic Katana Wolf
    CC Taro Dagger
    Shadoweater Lance
    Curse Demon Asta Daggers
    Primo Killer Sword
    Surf Alteon Board
    Raven Queen Octarine Scythe
    Anony Doom Redemption Blades.
    Sword DerasDolly Green
    Possession of Madness Gun
    Possession of Fear Pistols
    Daggers of Rouge Knight (RARE)
    Dual Corrupted Swordsman Katana (Expensive)
    Corrupted Swordsman Katana (Expensive)
    Devotion of Evil Katana (Exclusive)
    Golden Excalibur Of Faih
    CC Corpse Maker Of Gray
    Dual CC Corpse Maker Of Gray
    CC Rixty Bow Of Gray
    CC Rixty Slasher Sword Of Gray
    Dual CC Rixty Slasher Of Gray
    Cape //
    All Caps for user
    Sparkle Power
    Warp Peregrinus Cape
    Peregrinus Chaos Cape
    Infernal Demon WingSpyke
    Infernal Demon Spyke
    Green Leppy Cape
    Valkirya Dark Angel Wings
    Galactic Wings
    Dragon Phantasm
    Solar Gravity
    Ultra Berserker Cape
    Ultra Berserker Sword Cape
    Klooun Corrupted Chrono Cape
    Legionary Spirit
    Infernal Demon Themed Spyke
    Death Caster Shadowed Wings
    Death Caster Wings
    Dragon Wing Toxic
    Dark Skull Cape
    Golden Valkyrie Of Heroism
    Golden Spirit Of Heroism
    Lion Mage Cape
    Cold Top Wings (Ultra Rare)
    Grenwog Slayer Cuddly Cape
    FireCutlass BackBlades Cape
    Reaver of Nulgath Cape
    Drego Legion Wings
    Shadow Rocker Infernal Cape
    Shadow Rocker Cape
    Obito Six Paths Cape
    Myst Infern Tenno Cape
    Supreme Aura
    Demon Asta Grimoire
    CC Platinum Wings
    Shadowed Cryomancer's Wrap
    Shadoweater Mummy Cape
    Obscure Demon Attack
    Anony Doom Redemption BackBlades.
    Possession of Madness Cape
    Corrupted Swordsman Cape (Expensive)
    Sprit Devotion of Evil (Exclusive)
    Faih Protection
    Helm //
    All Helm for user
    White Rabbit Hair
    Dark Crown
    Transforming Peregrinus
    Infernal Demon Hood
    Infernal Fury Hood
    Green Leppy Hat
    Legacy of Nulgath Helm
    Green Leppy Hat + Locks
    Valkirya Dark Angel Hair
    Summer Style Hair
    RedRare Hair
    Ultra Berserker Helmet
    Ultra Berserker Human
    Legionary Vampire Scarf
    Evil Nexus Hair
    Toxic Samurai Helm
    Golden Hero Soul Helm
    Golden Female Soul Of Hero Helm
    Lion Mage Hood
    KDA Akali Prestige Edition helm
    Cute Bunny Hood
    GrenwogSlayer Ears + Locks
    White Rabbit Hat
    MindBreaker Hood
    Shadow Rocker Hair
    Drego Legion Hair
    Drego Legion Horned
    Drego Legion Hornes Locks
    Evil Bunny Ears
    Shadow Rocker Locks
    Alpha Rogue Hat
    Kawai Hallo Hair
    Sasuke Head
    Bunny Girl Helm
    Scarfed Girl
    Shadoweater Morph
    Drego Hat + Scarf
    Black Snow Hair
    Shadoweater Locks Morph
    Gas Mask
    Deathless Caster Hair + Earring
    King of Nexus Crown
    Swag on Glasses
    Obscure Dragon Locks Horns
    Obscure Dragon Hair Horns
    CC Infernal Warlord
    Shadow Hair
    Anony Doom Caster Face.
    Possession of Madness Helm
    Rouge Knight Locks (RARE)
    Rouge Knight Hair (RARE)
    Corrupted Swordsman Hair (Expensive)
    Corrupted Swordsman Locks (Expensive)
    Devotion of Evil Hair (Exclusive)
    HellScout Guard Helm
    Reaver of Nulgath Helm
    Pet //
    All Pet for user
    Peregrinus Pet
    I\'m Sad :c Pet
    Miku Pet (Ultra Rare)
    Red Oblivion Pet
    Black Oblivion Pet
    Other //
    All Other for user
    M4TR1X of Nulgath (RARE)
    Onyx Token
    Dragonslayer Token Boss
    Mercutio Craft Token
    Anime Token
    Kazawa Token
    Dragonslayer Token Defender
    Rep Boost (1Hr)
    Ancient Dragon Token
    Comments //
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