Idioma: English
    Charpage zpaladin //
    ID: 200020880 (Diamond)
    Armors //
    All Armors for user
    Evolved Blood of Nulgath
    Red Dragonborn Naval Commander
    Evolved Void of Nulgath
    SDF General
    Dark Mansion Guardian
    Invisible Morph
    Blue Dragonborn Naval Commander
    Highland Savage
    Dark Blood Of Nulgath
    Sakura Dragonborn Naval Commander
    Oathbreaker Pirate
    Blue Mage's Robe
    Density Armor of Light
    Shadow Walker
    Paragon Plate
    Titan Hunter
    Arcane of Nulgath
    Dimensional Champion of Nulgath
    Spectre Techsuit
    Evolved Fiend Of Nulgath
    Drakath's Armor
    Paragon Naval Commander
    Light Caster
    Dragon DoomKnight
    Good Knight
    DarkCaster Evolution
    Dark Caster
    CaPwn Armor
    Gilded Fallen Angel
    Nulgath Armor
    Guardian Armor
    Turtle Marauder
    Whyte Sorceres Armor
    Zealith Reaver
    Sanctified Armor
    Lotus Armor
    Frozen DeathKnight
    Frost DeathKnight Armor
    Heavenly Prisoner
    Ronin Hunter
    Dage DeathKnight
    Prismatic Elf
    Prismatic Composer Armor
    Mystic Fingers
    Death's Apprentice
    Holiday Defender
    Royal Wedding
    Evolved BladeMaster
    Alpha Omega Suit
    Blade Master
    Ascended DarkCaster
    Undead Assassin
    Fenrir Legion Armor
    Legion Judge
    Wrath of Legion
    Undead Legion OverLord
    Void Of War
    Dire Soul Warrior
    Hyper Suit of Light
    Hyper Suit of Dark
    Paladin Of Old
    Knight of the Grid
    Galaxy Hunters
    Space Voyager
    Likes Collector
    Omega Corsair
    Density Armor of Dark
    The Mischief
    Tech Archer
    Kind of Brave
    the bionic player
    The Shadow of Death
    Golden Guardian
    Brutal Annihilator
    Diviner of Power
    Crimson Gladiator
    Black Catty Armor
    Skelly Jamz
    Reptile jurassic Rider
    Thief of Nulgath
    Destruction Armor
    Evil Knight
    The Darkness Inside
    Evolved Shadow of Nulgath
    Legion DoomKnight
    Blood Draconic Armor
    Black Dragonborn Naval Commander
    White Dragonborn Naval Commander
    Void Knight of Nulgath
    Voodoo Brawler
    Dark Matter Knight
    Crimson Darkness
    Grand Dragon Slayer
    Unholy Demon Judgement
    Paladin Naval Commander
    Gold Dragonborn Naval Commander
    Warlord of Nulgath
    Knight of Heath
    Slave of Heath
    Void Ripper
    Dark Ripper
    Captain of Diamonds
    Gaiamancer Armor
    Fiend of Lukas Armor
    MechFiend of Nulgath
    Nulgathic Armor
    Faih Golden Paladin
    Celestial Priest Armor
    Celestial GateKeeper Armor
    Dage The Good Armor
    ArchAngel Nulgath Armor
    Brightfall Commander
    Revontheus The Good
    Blue Stone Knight
    Heaven Messenger
    Noble Angel Clothes
    Celestial Avenger Armor
    Inferno's Emissary
    MAD Weaponsmith
    Puppet Warrior
    Cursed Legion Commander
    Spirit Of Conquest
    Brightoak Avenger Armor
    Valkyric Glory Armor
    Shadow Void Shogun
    Urban Samurai Armor
    Yami no Samurai
    Infernal Naval Commander
    Celestial Naval Commander
    Demon Blade Samurai Armor
    Paragon Dreadnought Robe
    Beleen Personal (Female Only)
    Veneeria Personal (Female Only)
    Horc Grunt Morph
    Zardman Morph
    Green Draconian Morph
    Chaos Mountain Breaker
    Ddog's Sea Serpent Armor
    Fluid Purple Clothes
    Fluid Prismatic Clothes
    Dark Mansion Stalker
    T4K Personal Naval
    Faih Dead man
    Neo Reaper of Hades
    Pirate Armor
    Classes //
    All Classes for user
    Blood ColorFul
    Classic DragonSlayer
    Bronze Class
    Void Caster
    MAD Scientist
    Diamond Class
    Dragon Shinobi
    Glacial Cristality
    Darkblood StormKing
    Legacy of Prome
    Pirate Sailor
    Alpha Omega
    Void Nation Commander
    Thief of Hours
    Empty Ninja
    Abyssal UnderWorld
    Platinum Knight
    Lion Gladiator
    Harley Quinn
    Naval Commander
    Cleric of Time
    Fiend of Lukas
    Super Enhancement Class +680
    Infinity Armor Enhancement +200
    Light Underworld
    Lord Of Darkness (Rare)
    Evolved Shaman
    Dark Caster
    Chronomancer Berserker
    Troll Spellsmith
    Horc Evader
    Blood Ancient
    Blood Titan
    SkyGuard Grenadier
    Elemental Dracomancer
    Dark Lord
    Red Demon
    Weapon //
    All Weapon for user
    Fiery Blade of Tartarus
    Sanguine Embassed Polearm
    Chrono DragonBlade
    Hydrid Weapon Enhancement
    Dual Paramount Edge
    Dual katana annihilating
    Brightfall Commander Daggers
    Red Dragon Scimitar
    Dual Solar StarSword
    Celestial Sword of Nulgath
    +11 Hydrid Weapon Enhancement
    Dragon Grand Slayer
    Blue Dragon Scimitar
    Azure Flaming Fists
    Hydrid Weapon Enhancement +14
    Fighter Weapon Enhancement
    Derp StarSword
    Crystal Phoenix Blade of Nulgath
    MindBreaker's Psy-blade
    FrostScythe's Cruelty
    Sanguine Polearm of Lukas
    Dual BloodLetter of Dragon
    Drakath's Sword
    Dragon DoomKnight Sword
    Light Caster Blade
    The Tormenter
    Celestial Sword
    Legion Flesh Ripper
    Legion Vampire Scythe
    Galactic Star Sword
    Blinding Light of Destiny
    Overfiend Blade of Nulgath
    Blade of Awe
    Cyber BloodLetter Red
    Sanctified Sword and Shield
    Dual DragonBlade Of Nulgath
    Default Sword
    Grotesque Bow
    Prime Energy SkullSword
    Tech Katana
    Pandora Blue Key
    Frost DeathKnight Blade
    Frozen DeathKnight Sword
    Pandora Yellow Key
    Cyber BloodLetter LightBlue
    Dual Primal Dread Saw of Nulgath
    Doom Overlord Blade (Rare)
    Glacial Berserker Claymore
    Base DaiDoji Katana
    Pandora Orange Key
    Flaming Katana
    Base DaiDoji Dual Katanas
    Accessory DaiDoji Katana
    Runed Chainsword
    Brutal Wolf Blade
    Soul Eater Advanced
    Soul Kris
    PainSaw of Eidolon
    The Guiltius
    BladeMaster's Sword and Sheath
    Zealith Reavers
    Cyber BloodLetter Blue
    Dual Power Saws
    Three Worlds Scythe
    Accessory DaiDoji Dual Katanas
    Sanctified Sword
    Twin Drake Cutters
    Sanctified Glaives
    Lost Blade of Thagnul
    Galaxy Hammer
    Blood of Awe
    Duel Energy Axes
    Soul of the Space
    Duel Ended Energy Blades
    Titan v93 Edge
    Dual Glowing Katana
    Titan v93 Gun
    Omega Rapier
    Red Mana Clapper
    Tech Archer Bow
    Axe of Absolute Death
    Bow of Bravery
    Blood Spirit Staff
    Golden Spirit Rod
    Dual Blood Spirit Staff
    Dual Golden Spirit Rods
    Tommy Gun
    Prismatic Double Scythe
    Electrifying School Pencil of Heath
    School Pencil of Heath (Black)
    Light Grimoire of Heath
    School Pencil of Heath (Blue)
    Illusion Grimoire of Heath
    Infinity Continuum Grimoire of Heath
    Moonlight Grimoire of Heath
    School Pencil of Heath
    School Book n Pencil of Heath
    School Pencil of Heath (Red)
    School Pencil of Heath (Light Blue)
    School Pencil of Heath (Green)
    School Pencil of Heath (Pink)
    School Pencil of Heath (White)
    Knight Blade of Nulgath
    Dual Knight Blade of Nulgath
    Golden Slasher Katana
    Blade of Void
    Whyte Sorceres War Axe
    Paladin Defender Axe
    Whyte Lion Golden Axe
    Dragon Brawler
    Dragon D**do?
    Card Clasher Spear (Tri)
    Ordinary Black Spear
    Card Clasher Spear
    Pink DragonBlade
    Time Keepers Pressence
    Shattered Ice
    Crimson Dragon Scythe
    First Blade
    Gold Dragons Blaster
    Ungodly Reavers of Nulgath
    MechFiend Blade of Nulgath
    Nulgathic Sword
    Tainted Sword of Lukas
    Martyr's Pulsing Blade
    +9 Fighter Weapon Enhancement
    Celestial Brightfall Commander Blade
    Super Enhancement Weapon +680
    +1 Hydrid Weapon Enhancement
    +11 Fighter Weapon Enhancement
    +10 Fighter Weapon Enhancement
    +12 Fighter Weapon Enhancement
    Infinity Weapon Enhancement +200
    +10 Thief Weapon Enhancement
    +11 Thief Weapon Enhancement
    +12 Thief Weapon Enhancement
    +1 Thief Weapon Enhancement
    +6 Fighter Weapon Enhancement
    Thief Weapon Enhancement +14
    Thief Weapon Enhancement
    +9 Thief Weapon Enhancement
    +7 Thief Weapon Enhancement
    +6 Thief Weapon Enhancement
    +5 Thief Weapon Enhancement
    +4 Thief Weapon Enhancement
    +3 Thief Weapon Enhancement
    +2 Thief Weapon Enhancement
    +1 Fighter Weapon Enhancement
    +2 Fighter Weapon Enhancement
    +3 Fighter Weapon Enhancement
    +4 Fighter Weapon Enhancement
    +5 Fighter Weapon Enhancement
    +7 Fighter Weapon Enhancement
    +8 Fighter Weapon Enhancement
    Fighter Weapon Enhancement +14
    +12 Hydrid Weapon Enhancement
    +2 Hydrid Weapon Enhancement
    +3 Hydrid Weapon Enhancement
    +4 Hydrid Weapon Enhancement
    +5 Hydrid Weapon Enhancement
    +6 Hydrid Weapon Enhancement
    +7 Hydrid Weapon Enhancement
    +8 Hydrid Weapon Enhancement
    +9 Hydrid Weapon Enhancement
    Dual Broken Runes Sword (expensive)
    Blue stone Knight Staff
    Broken Runes Sword
    Lightning Base Sword
    Epic Blade
    Blue Epic Blade
    Green Mace
    Sword Of Hope
    Puppet Warrior Axe
    Evolved Soul Ripper
    Good Blade of Sansity
    Love StarSword
    Dreadnought Death Scythe
    Purified Claw of Nulgath
    Ticket Phoenix Blade
    Purified Claymore of Destiny
    Taro's Manslayer
    Random Weapon of Nulgath
    Mansion Guardian Axe
    Dark Stinger
    Dark Impact
    Dark Guardian Strike
    Dual Blood Challenge
    Dual Light Champion
    Pumpkin Ashie blade
    Mogloween Crazy Hammer
    Wraith Repeater
    Caladbolg king of Diamonds (cc)
    Horn Of Terra Suul
    Cape //
    All Caps for user
    Pink Burning Flame
    Wings of Dark Sorrow
    Plantinum Wings Pink
    Deck of Hearts
    chronos Avatar Cape
    MindBreaker's Cloak
    Drakath's Wings
    Light Caster Runes
    Dragon DoomKnight Wings
    Celestial Wings & Sword
    Paragon Cape
    Sanctified Wings
    Gilded Fallen Angel Wings
    Underworld Rune Cloth Cape
    Zealith Reaver Wings
    Turtle Shell
    Frost DeathKnight Cape
    Heavenly Prisoner Cape
    Paragon Pet Cape
    Glacial Crystal Sword Cape
    Glacial Crystal Cape
    Mystic Fingers Cape
    Aura of the Ascended
    Vampire Bats
    Undead Legend Cape
    Titanv9 Cape
    BladeMaster's Side Swords
    Red Shadow
    Doomed Cape
    School Backpack of Heath
    Triple Wings of Nulgath
    Shadow Wings
    Whyte Golden Cape
    Blood Draconic Cloak
    Grand Dragon Spires
    Hydrid Enhancement
    Void Ripper Cape + Scythe
    MechFiend Cape of Nulgath
    Nulgathic Cape
    Cloak of Dage The Good
    Soaring Wings Of Dage
    Celestial Brightfall Wing
    Super Enhancement Cape +680
    Infinity Cape Enhancement +200
    Blue Stone Knight Wings
    Celestial Backsword
    Torn Cape of Nulgath
    Puppet Warrior Shadow Flame
    FrostBackBlades Cape
    Pink Flame
    Paragon Energy Cape
    Mansion Guardian Cape
    Ship Wheel Mogloween cape
    Rune Dragon Cape
    Chronix Wings
    Helm //
    All Helm for user
    Evolved Blood Helm
    Zealith Reaver Helm
    Dark Mansion Hood
    Rabbit Head Morph
    bear morph
    Gilded Fallen Angel Helm
    Blue Dragons Tricorn
    Red Hunting Hood
    Galaxy Hunter Helmet
    Heavenly Prisoner Hair
    Cyber Helm
    Blue Dark Longer Head Band Hair
    Lotus Helm
    Valor Domed Helm
    Ascended DarkCaster FauxHawk
    Alpha Omega Helmet
    MindBreaker Helm
    Dragon DoomKnight Helm
    Light Caster Hairstyle
    Angelic Knight Helm
    Paragon Helm
    Scarfed Boy
    Spectre Helm
    Turtle Marauder Head
    Valor High Priest
    Oni's Visage
    Valor High Halo
    Frozen DeathKnight Helm
    Frost DeathKnight Helm
    Evolved Fiend Helm
    Helm of the Grid
    Icy Glacial Crystal Helm
    Hood of Death's Apprentice
    Necro Obsidian Hood
    Mystic Fingers Mask
    Forest Elf Helm
    Gas Mask
    Heavenly Prisoner Locks
    Dire Crested Helmet
    Hunter Helm of Dark
    Highland Savage Armet
    Hunter Helm of Light
    Space Voyager Visor
    SDF General's Helm
    The Shadow of Death Mask
    Horned Helm of Honor
    TitanV9 Helmet
    Tech Archer Visor
    Omega Head Band
    Omega Corsair Mask
    Titan V93 Visor
    Evolved Shadow Helm
    Helm of the Mischief
    Helm of Brutal Annihilation
    Blood ColorFul Helm (1)
    Blood ColorFul Assassin Helm
    Blood ColorFul Shadow (2)
    Winged Helm of Justice
    Helm of Wisdom
    Skull Hood
    Black Cat Hat
    Crimson Helm
    Face of Revontheus
    Evolved Hex Helm
    Celestial Hair
    Hooded Black Helmet
    Malice Cowl
    Campus Casanova of Heath (Suave)
    Campus Casanova of Heath (Beard)
    afraid cat
    bunny morph
    Golden Shadow Face
    Paladin Defender Helm
    Whyte Sorceres Helm
    Whyte Golden Helm
    Evil Elf of Saradenes Hooded v2
    CaPwn Hat
    CaPwn Bonnet
    Grand Dragon Curse
    Hydrid Enhancement
    Red Dragons Tricorn
    Gold Dragons Tricorn
    Void Ripper Helm
    MechFiend Helm of Nulgath
    Nulgathic Helm
    Fiend Helm of Lukas
    CelestialKeeper Hood
    Viking Beard Helm
    Dage The Good Helm
    ArchAngel Nulgath Morph
    Veiled BrightFall Halo
    Revontheus Morph Helm
    Infinity Helm Enhancement +200
    Destruction Lion Helm
    Blue Stone Knight Helm
    Celestial Avenger Faceplate
    Cat Head Morph
    Puppet Warrior Hood
    Cursed Legion Hair
    Super Enhancement Helm +680
    Brightoak Avenger Faceplate
    Viking Chop Helm
    Urban Samurai Hat
    Void Shogun Helm
    Dreadnought Hood
    Good Iron Wing
    DeadMan Mask Cracked
    Blue Dark Tricorn Long
    White Gold Longer Head Band Hair
    White Gold Tricorn
    White Gold Tricorn Long
    Pet //
    All Pet for user
    Heath's Carriage
    Derpfiend moglinDragon and cat!
    Taro BladeMaster
    Umbral Fawn
    Turbo Turtle
    Silverclaw Battlepet
    Mini Beleen
    Hate Hawk
    Grumpy Spring Cat
    Grumpy Cat
    Evil Chest Bank Pet
    Dragon Con Chibi Zazul
    Battle Bat
    Deady Big In Japan
    Cleric Zorbak
    Marry Christmas
    Dark Makai of Nulgath
    Baby Red Dragon
    Primal Orb
    Oblivion of Nulgath
    Evolved Blood Orb
    Battlefiend Blade of Nulgath
    Zorbak Bank pet
    Twilly Bank Pet
    Evolved Void Orb
    Evolved Shadow Dragon
    Dark Moglin
    Gold Dragons Parrot Pet
    Red Dragons Parrot Pet
    Celestial Sword of Nulgath Pet
    Warlord Drakel
    SunStone Pet
    Celestial Hound
    Baby Yeti Battle Pet
    Arcane Transforming Magic Book
    Taro Blademaster Guardian
    Summer Moglin
    Other //
    All Other for user
    Chroma Theatre
    Lion Sword Token
    Advanced Item Recipe
    Jotaceh Location Clue
    Nulgath Gem
    Legion Token
    Orange Diamond
    Lion Armor Token
    Ghoul's Body
    DragonL (Itens)
    Red (Itens)
    Mad Piece
    Sky Token
    Valsarian Token
    Armor of love
    Dragon Token
    Battle Garden
    Dragon Heart
    Naval Fragment
    Onyx Token
    Map of the Fragments
    Treasure Chest
    Newbie Token
    Life Of Dark Makai
    Premium Token (Coming Soon)
    Turkey Bone
    Hunter IV
    Hunter I
    Water Token
    Dragon Token
    Wing Essence
    Voucher of Nulgath (non-mem)
    Essence of Nulgath
    Essence of Thanatos
    Bone of Thanatos's Minion
    Dictionary of Reptiles
    Premium Token (Coming Soon)
    Lava Dragon Heart
    Fire Piece
    Tainted Piece
    Poisonous Piece
    Learning the shadow power
    Gem Shard
    Chrono Class Token
    Chrono Token
    Talk Like A Pirate!
    bioka Food
    Free Pass Of Nulgath (QUEST)
    Bone Dust
    Karok Token
    Skull (itens)
    Red Dragon Heart
    Premium Token (Coming Soon)
    Green Diamond
    Essence of Imp
    Spider Slain
    Sentinel Defeated
    Cuzao Slain
    Essence of Drakath
    Dage Token
    Premium Token (Coming Soon)
    Osyris Approval
    Hunter III
    Altar Of Caladbolg
    Mirror Realm Token
    Altar Of Sanguine
    Altar Of Ragnarok
    Premium Token (Coming Soon)
    Anime Token
    Dead Soul
    Machine Coin
    Powers Scroll
    Special Energy
    Blood Shard
    Carneage Token
    Honor Of Nulgath
    Lion Cape Token
    Lion Helm Token
    Free Pass Of Nulgath (Item)
    PaladinsWar Token
    Bat Head
    Pirate Token X2
    Traveller Piece
    Lycan Token 2
    Nulgath Token
    Totem of Nulgath
    Premium Token (Coming Soon)
    Token Gift
    Royal Token
    Lycan Token 1
    Reactor Token
    Drone Token
    Rich Token
    Celestial Token
    Red Demon Token
    Premium Token (Coming Soon)
    Pink Diamond
    Magic Treasure Chest Key
    Fortress Token
    Castle Token
    Essence of Calandra
    Essence of Osyris
    Lion Gladiator Token
    Spider Poison
    SnakeWyrm Head
    Essence of Darkdoun
    Darkness Contract
    Insect's Wing
    Redeem Me!
    Life Of Tainted Elemental
    Phaedra Painting
    Miltonius Painting: Gravelyn
    Undead Coffin
    Wall Guitar
    Voltaire's Guitar
    Skull Punch Guitar
    Safiria Painting
    Rifle Rack
    Miltonius Painting: Alteon
    Crossed Muskets2
    Cornelis Painting
    Light Void A
    Light Void B
    Light Void C
    Chicken Token
    Purple Diamond
    Robot fragment
    Scientist's Potion
    Diamond of Nulgath
    Time fragment
    Helm of Time
    Elixir of Time
    Hallow Token
    Lithium fragment
    Comments //
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