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Level 4052 • 6.16M / 70.57M (8.72%)
  • Country BR Brazil
  • RedCoins 712,172,220
  • Activity Points 1,033
  • Level 4,052/7,000
  • Experience 6,155,605 / 70,565,345
  • Energy 106,300
  • Game Mode Survive
  • Dead No
    Z E R Ox3 3 years ago
    Grande Atlas 6 months ago
  • military_tech Badges
  • inventory_2 Inventory
  • account_balance Bank
  • view_timeline Timeline
  • people Friend
Sorry, you can't access this user's inventory. It's guarded by a powerful dragon that only responds to cheesy pickup lines and puns.
Sorry, this user's inventory bank is off-limits. We hear they keep a rare and valuable artifact in there that could change the course of the game.
This user's timeline is like a forbidden tome of ancient magic. Only the bravest and most daring adventurers can unlock its secrets.
This user's friend list is more exclusive than an elite guild of ninja assassins.