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New item Title: On Fire

3 weeks ago Calesvol Avatar

New limited quantity 15 title available for purchase (check date and time below). Join: Faroff NPC: Calesvol Button: Calesvol: Limited Brasília Time, BRTMon, 14 Nov 2022 at 07:00 BRTManila, PhilippinesMon, 14 Nov 2022 at 18:00..

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World Boss: Universe

2 months ago Calesvol Avatar

I you help to deal with a recent threat to our universe./join UniverseLimited itemsBoost..

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Guild Hall

7 months ago Calesvol Avatar

The guild hall is now available /join..

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Argent Knight

7 months ago Aldia Avatar

The Argent Knight, Rita Rossweisse has arrived at /join faroff ! Talk to her and access her limited wares! The limited wares will be removed after a certain time, even if it's not out of stock yet.The items inside will change from time to time...

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World Destroyer enhancement

8 months ago Calesvol Avatar

World Destroyer enhancement released! /join..

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The new enhancements are up!

1 year ago Calesvol Avatar

The map /join trainingport is now open! Venture into the training port and look for the NPC's scattered around the map. They have different enhancement types to offer, and some shop and quests you can do!Q: How to get Trainer Approvals?A: Just kill..

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1 year ago LuxhiDaDemon Avatar

So everyone! Welcome to our Dungeon. This map here is a easy place to get Kreantz token for the shop at Kreantzcastle. So get ur wepons up and friends to farm for those for cool items. Words from Kreantz!Greetings Hero! I am Kreantz, one of the..

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