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Game Update: Revamped UI, Optimized Server Response, and Improved Wiki Features

6 months ago

This update brings a multitude of improvements to the game, including revamped user interface elements, an optimized server response, and improved wiki features. The market tax has been reduced and vending limits have been increased, while the wiki now provides more detailed information on items, NPCs, and areas. Additionally, new features have been added to the bot and wiki, and VIP players can now access the bank from anywhere in the game.

  • Improved Discord profile preview
  • Enhanced visual of monster drop information on wiki for both mobile and desktop users
  • Updated the design of the wiki shop and items for mobile devices, and fixed minor issues
  • Fixed chat font display and corrected special characters such as é, ç, á, ê, ú, í, and ó
  • Updated and fixed various aspects of the game's user interface, including the guild panel, guild list, redeem, marry, inspect user/search, daily reward, pvp panel, login, character selection, world boss board, titles, rebirth, bot manager, bag space, and guild slot
  • Revamped and optimized the server response
  • Optimized guild and party systems
  • Rebuilt the spam filter
  • Decreased market tax by 50%, from 1,000,000 HC/99 to 10,101 HC and implemented a new tax of 0.5% (5,000 HC) for every 1,000,000 HC
  • Increased vending limit from 30 to 100 and removed vending tax
  • Added a new feature to the wiki that shows boost-only items, wheel-only items, and discord-only items
  • Updated the wiki map to show VIP-only and guild raid areas
  • Compiled a comprehensive list of NPCs on the wiki
  • Provided class information for items on the wiki
  • The next game update "b" will allow VIP players to open the bank from anywhere in the game
  • Improved the bot's ability to quickly pick up drops, use energy, deny drops, and complete quests
  • Added a new feature that requires players to complete a quest before buying an item from the shop or obtaining it from a monster
  • The wiki now shows items that are required to buy a specific item (tracked by requirement)