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The new NEWBIE is now live!

4 months ago

The new Newbie offers a straight-forward path for new players, offering informative NPC's with all the information they will need until they get to a certain point or level (Enhancements, Leveling, Classes, Farm locations), a reasonable grind even for low players (kill monsters with drop chances), descriptive and useful quests that can be used to earn extra experience points for faster leveling, and a unified shop combined from old and scattered newbie shops for easier farm. Some changes has been made for this to happen, such as:

-Maps forestnewbie and guide are removed, and some of the stuffs in the map is ported into the new Newbie.
-Archer Class requirements and location updated.
-Some monsters from different maps (Up,  Temple, Lair, etc.) had some HP and EXP updates. They are subject to change depending on the situation.
-Some class MIGHT undergo changes, especially the ones included on the Newbie Guide. They are subject to change depending on the situation.

Any reports, suggestions, or questions are welcomed at ⁠report ⁠suggestion ⁠question. See y'all there (that's for sure, lol).