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5 months ago

(Rank X) Legion Escadora  

  • (Rank S) Legion Escadora to (Rank X) Legion Escadora

(Rank X) Eternal Cosmic  

  • (Rank S) Eternal Cosmic to (Rank X) Eternal Cosmic

(Rank X) Code T Ember  

  • (Rank S) Code T Ember to (Rank X) Code T Ember

(Rank SS) Dr. Strange  

  • (Rank S) Dr. Strange to (Rank SS) Dr. Strange

(Rank SS) Abyssal Wicked  

  • (Rank S) Abyssal Wicked to (Rank SS) Abyssal Wicked

(Rank SS) Tenta Maris  

  • (Rank ?) Tenta Maris to (Rank SS) Tenta Maris

(Rank SS) Fiend of Lukas  

  • (Rank S) Fiend of Lukas to (Rank SS) Fiend of Lukas

(Rank SS) Shadow Fire Emperor  

  • (Rank S) Shadow Fire Emperor to (Rank SS) Shadow Fire Emperor

(Rank A) CardClasher  

  • Replaced/Deleted

(Rank A) Gray Celestial Commander  

  • Gray Celestial Commander to (Rank A) Gray Celestial Commander

(Rank A) Blood ColorFul  

  • (Rank S) Blood ColorFul to (Rank A) Blood ColorFul

(Rank A) Future Chronomancer  

  • (Rank S) Future Chronomancer to (Rank A) Future Chronomancer

(Rank A) Evolved Lord Of Darkness  

  • (Rank S) Evolved Lord Of Darkness to (Rank A) Evolved Lord Of Darkness

(Rank A) Fiery Blue Revenge  

  • (Rank S) Fiery Blue Revenge to (Rank A) Fiery Blue Revenge

(Rank A) The Holy One  

  • (Rank S) The Holy One to (Rank A) The Holy One

(Rank A) Gladiator  

  • (Rank S) Gladiator to (Rank A) Gladiator

(Rank B) Soy yo bolita de fuego  

  • Replaced/Deleted

(Rank B) Beta Beserker  

  • Beta Beserker to (Rank B) Beta Beserker

(Rank B) Legend FX (Personal)  

  • Legend FX (Personal) Class to (Rank B) Legend FX (Personal)

(Rank B) Evo Pumpkin Lord  

  • Evo Pumpkin Lord to (Rank B) Evo Pumpkin Lord

(Rank B) Fighter of the Ring  

  • Fighter of the Ring to (Rank B) Fighter of the Ring

(Rank B) I Love Coffee s2  

  • I Love Coffee s2 to (Rank B) I Love Coffee s2

(Rank B) Support  

  • Support class to (Rank B) Support

(Rank B) Master  

  • Master Class to (Rank B) Master

(Rank B) Ace  

  • (Rank S) Ace Class to (Rank B) Ace

(Rank B) Dual Identity  

  • (Rank A) Dual Identity to (Rank B) Dual Identity

(Rank B) Vindicator of They  

  • (Rank C) Vindicator of They to (Rank B) Vindicator of They


  • (Rank R) XXXXXXXX to (Rank B) XXXXXXXX

(Rank B) Lavamancer  

  • (Rank S) Lavamancer to (Rank B) Lavamancer

(Rank B) Blacksmith  

  • (Rank S) Blacksmith to (Rank B) Blacksmith

(Rank B) Lightness Champion  

  • (Rank S) Lightness Champion to (Rank B) Lightness Champion

(Rank B) Vengeance  

  • (Rank S) Vengeance to (Rank B) Vengeance

(Rank B) Christmas of They  

  • (Rank A) Christmas of They to (Rank B) Christmas of They

(Rank B) Dimensional Dragon  

  • (Rank S) Dimensional Dragon to (Rank B) Dimensional Dragon

(Rank B) Draconian Slayer  

  • (Rank A) Draconian Slayer to (Rank B) Draconian Slayer

(Rank B) Empty Ninja  

  • (Rank S) Empty Ninja to (Rank B) Empty Ninja

(Rank B) Erida Hunter  

  • (Rank S) Erida Hunter to (Rank B) Erida Hunter

(Rank B) Celestial Angel General  

  • (Rank A) Celestial Angel General to (Rank B) Celestial Angel General

(Rank B) Bones Collector  

  • (Rank S) Bones Collector to (Rank B) Bones Collector

(Rank B) Galactic Captain  

  • (Rank S) Galactic Captain to (Rank B) Galactic Captain

(Rank B) Whyte SorceresWar  

  • (Rank A) Whyte SorceresWar to (Rank B) Whyte SorceresWar

(Rank B) Esoteric  

  • (Rank S) Esoteric to (Rank B) Esoteric

(Rank B) Dark Chaos Meliodas  

  • (Rank S) Dark Chaos Meliodas to (Rank B) Dark Chaos Meliodas

(Rank C) ) Event Winner  

  • (Rank ?) Event Winner to (Rank C) Event Winner

(Rank C) Cursed Sorcerer  

  • (Rank B) Cursed Sorcerer to (Rank C) Cursed Sorcerer

(Rank C) Psychokiller  

  • (Rank B) Psychokiller to (Rank C) Psychokiller

(Rank C) UndeadSlayer  

  • Replaced/Deleted

(Rank C) Necromancer  

  • Replaced/Deleted

(Rank A) Satou Kazuma  

  • (Rank S) Satou Kazuma Class to (Rank A) Satou Kazuma

(Rank A) Gogeta  

  • (Rank S) Gogeta Class to (Rank A) Gogeta

(Rank A) Plumber  

  • (Rank S) Plumber Class (TEST) to (Rank A) Plumber

(Rank A) Billy Kane  

  • (Rank S) Billy Kane Class to (Rank A) Billy Kane

(Rank A) Red Emperor  

  • (Rank S) Red Emperor Class to (Rank A) Red Emperor

(Rank A) Ichigo Mugetsu  

  • (Rank S) Ichigo Mugetsu Class to (Rank A) Ichigo Mugetsu

(Rank A) Broly Berserk  

  • (Rank S) Broly Berserk Class (Test Phase) to (Rank A) Broly Berserk

(Rank A) Grimmjow  

  • (Rank S) Grimmjow Class to (Rank A) Grimmjow

(Rank A) Senchou Marine  

  • (Rank S) Senchou Marine to (Rank A) Senchou Marine

(Rank ?) Megumin  

  • (Rank S) Megumin Class to (Rank ?) Megumin

(Rank A) Manji Gang  

  • (Rank S) Manji Gang Class to (Rank A) Manji Gang

(Rank A) Executioner Zeldris  

  • (Rank S) Executioner Zeldris Class to (Rank A) Executioner Zeldris

(Rank A) Estarossa  

  • (Rank S) Estarossa Class to (Rank A) Estarossa

(Rank A) Bardock  

  • (Rank S) Bardock class to (Rank A) Bardock

(Rank A) Shi Yan  

  • (Rank S) Shi Yan Class to (Rank A) Shi Yan

(Rank A) Dracule Mihawk  

  • (Rank S) Dracule Mihawk Class to (Rank A) Dracule Mihawk

(Rank S) Duelist  

  • (Rank ?) Duelist to (Rank S) Duelist

(Rank A) Sanji  

  • (Rank S) Sanji Class to (Rank A) Sanji

(Rank A) Bunny  

  • (Rank S) Bunny Class to (Rank A) Bunny

(Rank A) Generalist  

  • (Rank S) Generalist to (Rank A) Generalist

(Rank A) Akaza  

  • (Rank S) Akaza to (Rank A) Akaza

(Rank A) Flame Hashira  

  • (Rank S) Flame Hashira to (Rank A) Flame Hashira

(Rank A) Zenitsu  

  • (Rank S) Zenitsu Class to (Rank A) Zenitsu

(Rank A) Code Name : Blast  

  • Rank S to (Rank A) Code Name : Blast

(Rank A) ベジータ Bejīta  

  • (Rank S) ベジータ BejÄ«ta Class to (Rank A) ベジータ Bejīta

(Rank A) Crowned Clown  

  • (Rank S) Crowned Clown Class to (Rank A) Crowned Clown

(Rank A) Roronoa Zoro  

  • (Rank S) Roronoa Zoro Class to (Rank A) Roronoa Zoro

(Rank A) Kyo Kusanagi  

  • (Rank S) Kyo Kusanagi Class to (Rank A) Kyo Kusanagi

(Rank A) Orochi Chris  

  • (Rank S) Orochi Chris Class to (Rank A) Orochi Chris

(Rank A) Whitebeard  

  • (Rank S) Whitebeard Class to (Rank A) Whitebeard

(Rank A) Akatsuki Hidan  

  • (Rank S) Akatsuki Hidan Class to (Rank A) Akatsuki Hidan


  • Replaced/Deleted


  • Replaced/Deleted


  • Replaced/Deleted

(Rank S) Fiend of Lukas  

  • Replaced/Deleted

(Rank S) Black Infinity Titan  

  • Replaced/Deleted

(RANK C) Warrior  

  • Replaced/Deleted

(Rank B) Candy Caster  

  • Replaced/Deleted

Moderator Nexus VIP  

  • Replaced/Deleted

RedAQ adventurer  

  • Replaced/Deleted

(Rank B) 7 Years Gift  

  • Replaced/Deleted

RedAQ Newbie  

  • Replaced/Deleted


  • Replaced/Deleted


  • Replaced/Deleted

(Rank A) Stormtrooper  

  • Replaced/Deleted

(Rank A) Lucky  

  • Replaced/Deleted

(Rank B) Pumpkin Lord 17  

  • Replaced/Deleted


  • Replaced/Deleted

(Rank C) Likes Collector  

  • Replaced/Deleted


  • Replaced/Deleted

(Rank C) Beast Warrior  

  • Replaced/Deleted

One Above All  

  • Replaced/Deleted


  • Replaced/Deleted


  • Replaced/Deleted

(Rank C) Ninja  

  • Replaced/Deleted

(Rank B) Psychokiller (RARE)  

  • Replaced/Deleted

(Rank B) Darkness Shinobi (RARE)  

  • Replaced/Deleted

(Rank ?) E-Girl  

  • Replaced/Deleted

Shrine Maiden  

  • Replaced/Deleted

Great Thief  

  • Replaced/Deleted

Chrono Chaorruptor  

  • Replaced/Deleted

Empyrean Chronomancer  

  • Replaced/Deleted

Overworld Chronomancer  

  • Replaced/Deleted

Timeless Chronomancer  

  • Replaced/Deleted

Necrotic Chronomancer  

  • Replaced/Deleted

FireLord Summoner  

  • Replaced/Deleted

The Badass  

  • Replaced/Deleted

(Rank C) Evolved Shaman  

  • Replaced/Deleted

(Rank C) SkyGuard Grenadier  

  • Replaced/Deleted

(Rank C) Elemental Dracomancer  

  • Replaced/Deleted

(Rank C) Blood Titan  

  • Replaced/Deleted

(Rank B) Dark Villager  

  • Replaced/Deleted

Pandy O.o  

  • Replaced/Deleted

Bag Space  

  • Replaced/Deleted


  • Replaced/Deleted

Nature Manipulator  

  • Replaced/Deleted

Blue Demon  

  • Replaced/Deleted

(Rank A) Reens  

  • Reens to (Rank A) Reens


  • Replaced/Deleted

(Rank ?) No Modstander  

  • ( Rank ?? ) No Modstander to (Rank ?) No Modstander

(Rank A) Christmas  

  • (Rank S) Christmas to (Rank A) Christmas

(Rank A) Support/Helper  

  • Support/Helper Class (Rank A) to (Rank A) Support/Helper